What flowers are in my bouquet



 The Language of Your Flowers

Anemone-expectation and anticipation
Artemisia-power and dignity
Baby’s Breath-pure of heart, festivity
Bells of Ireland-whimsy
Carnation-admiration and fascination
Calla Lily-panache, magnificent beauty
Chrysanthemums-cheerfulness or slighted love
Cockscomb-silliness and humor
Daisy-innocence and simplicity
Delphinium-well being or return of a friend
Feverfew-good health, you light up my life
Gardenia-ecstasy, love in secret
Gerbera daisy-friendship-or needing protection
Gladiolus-generosity and strength of character
Heather- admiration or wishes come true
Hydrangea-devotion or boastfulness
Iris-my compliments, eloquence, promise
Larkspur-ardent attachment and swiftness
Lavender-luck, success, soothing
Lily-gaiety or-coquetry
Marigold-health, joy
Peony-bashfulness, hands full of cash
Queen Anne’s Lace-haven, protection, will return
Snapdragon-you are dazzling-but dangerous
Stock-promptness or lasting beauty
Sunflower-loyalty and adoration-or a little haughtiness
Sweet William-childhood memory
Tulip-hopeless love
Waxflower-happiness in marriage
Zinnia-thoughts of distant friends