Sympathy Tributes

Rutgers University studies proved flowers play an integral role in the state of mind; and during a time of loss this is of the utmost.  Thus our designs take traditional offerings and transform them into an artistic expression.  Pleasing not just the scenses but to the soul; as only Nature can do.
There are many ways to express your sympathies; here you will see the larger traditional tributes suitable for the funeral home and graveside service.  If you feel the family would also like to take home a rememberance, then browse through our other catagories whether plants, fruits, or small vase and baskets.  See if there is anything that speaks for you, that would speak to them, or speak about the deceased.
It is not about how much you spend, but what you send.  Think of that which would be meaningful or appreciated in some way that shows you had them specifically in mind when you saw it.
If you have a special idea or request-whether in shape, accessory, or color; please call us as this is what personalizes your design.  What did they love?  What was their career?  Favorite color?  Favorite animal? Were they in the military or patriotic? Favorite cause?
 We have an enitre catagory with designs that benefit various causes; one may have been dear to them or their family.
Whatever you choose, we guarantee you won’t see another like it.
Whether you are local or away, I am sorry for your loss whomever it is.
If you have any questions at all, you can telephone, email, or visit the store. 
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Sympathies are delivered every day