Presentation Bouquets

What began 100’s of years ago when troupe actors, musicians, & dancers were such a tremendous treat and yet underpaid if at all; a presentation bouquet was a show of appreciation for the enjoyment they gave the audience.

Today, anyone who has a momentous event recognizing their hard work and effort still receives a lovely bouquet as they should.   Whether for an award, a graduation, pageant, a dance or music recital; from age 4 up tradition calls for a presentation of flowers.  

They can be seasonal, all one color, in an arm bouquet style or as a round nosegay.  All festively wrapped with shower ribbons.  A presentation bouquet is a design specific to its purpose.  The flowers have to be interwoven in a such a way that they hold together  either held with one hand or rest on an arm. It is tied securely so as not to dismantle even when tipped down with all the stems gathered also for ease of water.  

Below are just a few of the 100’s of combinations I and my staff have created or design your own-just call us.