Home Decorating

Our custom designing has become one of our praises; we love the challenge of creating just what you had envisioned, or in creating something you had not. 

  We take all your wallpaper chips, fabric swatches and decorating style into consideration before even picking up a flower.  If we don’t have just the right color in our own vast selection, then we find or create it for you, and further encourage you to bring any containers, accessories, or  permanent /dried flowers that could possibly be used or reused.  

If you are gifting a permanent or dried design-there is nothing that speaks any higher than a well thought out accent for their home or office.  House, office, and lobby calls are welcomed, and can be arranged at your convenience.  This includes everyday decorating as well as for any occasion or Holiday.  Custom florals are an integral part of any decorating agenda-and we love it-like icing and decorating a cake.