Festive days & parties sometimes need a bit more pomp!  Designs here, are given a few traditional or non-traditional accessories to spice them up and cause a splash.  Which leads us to think….. they are really perfect any time. A romantic dinner….a ‘loud’ pick-me-up…..or the fix for a decorating divas dinner party.

You can set up the party or we can – just ask.

the best set tables use assorted containers of the same theme.  Flea sales and your attic & basement can provide a source for all sort of interesting items.   Multi size clay pots-assorted glass vases-mismatched china.  Creative reuse-we love it.

A fresh birthday cake from our local bakery can be added to any order  $20-35 extra-depending on how much cake you want to eat!

A note about balloons…..

Balloons unfortunately are not very friendly to our environment.  Because of this, we do not include them as an add-on for any of our designs as most stores, nor do we offer balloon bouquets or sculpture.   But… we do believe a balloon or two is traditional to a birthday and have opted to offer them minimally for this occasion only.  With that, we carry only US made and gladly take back the mylars for recycle-reuse.

This is yet another difficult aspect of our industry that we have had to choose between loosing a percent towards our profit donations or not.