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hands on flower arranging classes

Summer Floral Design Classes

 August 6, 13, 20


flower arranging classes

     Welcome to the summer workshop series.

Take one class or all 3!

This is a  wonderful opportunity to look inside the world of floral design, to share my knowledge, and to learn some of my signature designs.   Flower arranging is an experience like no other that I am passionate to share, and feel everyone should immerse themselves in now and again.   It is one of the gentler arts that has been handed down for decades and was deemed a “proud and proper accomplishment.” :)

     Whether you are an avid gardener or flower enthusiast  interested in creating bouquets for yourself, for an event, a Bride, or maybe toying with a career as a future professional ;  the workshops  will open the door and start you with a  foundation of both the creative & technical side of floral artistry…and the fun.  From the Native spiral bouquet to that ‘effortless’ Wildflower vase, and an English garden centerpiece; you will go away enriched and no longer intimidated about “what do to with a bouquet of flowers”.

The workshops are for all levels-especially the beginner .  If you have a group-you can reserve up to 5 for a Saturday class. We will be working with all sort of flowers-ferns-herbs-moss-twigs, all local/US grown-it’s all we promote. :)

  The garden flowers, wildflowers, and herbs are abundant in New England at this time, so we will use a multitude of varieties in the interesting designs you have become accustomed to seeing from my shop.  The teaching blends the must-have, technical  training of proper mechanics with a vintage slant on nature, and a lot of whimsy.    Classes are as instructional as they are encouraging of free thinking; inspiring  your style.

All workshops are held at the store in the design room, and include all supplies (except your tools-see  Particulars below) sweet snacks, and inspiring music.  These classes are all hands on and you will finish and take home your beauty at the end each class.

See you in class!

Lynn :))

The classes in this session are :

Native Spiral (Hand tied) Bouquet

The spiral technique done completely in your hand creates a 3 dimensional effect by placing 1 item over another while turning.  This is the traditional design of European cut flower bouquets and wedding bouquets.  Once you learn-you will never be the same!

handtied bouquet class

Wildflower Vase Arrangement

Vase arranging seems to cause everyone the most frustration.   This technique is the key by using the proper balance, order of placement, and simple mechanics.  You will be proud of your creations from this day forward!

Vase arrangement class

 English Garden Centerpiece

Creating a balanced centerpiece with an ‘unarranged look” has a few a tricks in an equation I have taught for years.  One that can be used in any container in any season and…the technique can also be used for any medium including dried and permanent  flowers.

english garden centerpiece

 Flower Fairy Garden

A little something different-this could be a centerpiece, or just a whimsy arrangement.  One of my own creations made with vine, moss, flowers, and of course a fairy.  Once you make it you will see you can also adapt it to any theme like birds, butterflies, or….whatever you love!

fairy garden arrangement

Lavender Wand  & Potpourri (tba)

A vintage technique of keeping lavender in one piece when it dries to use for a sachet.  Accented with silk ribbons they were ll the rage in the 19th century.  The 2nd half of this workshop, we will make a potpourri including lavender.

lavender wand class


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flower arranging class


Any questions just call or email!

845-562-2820             Lynn@GoodOldDaysFlorist.com



To meet the overwhelming popularity of my workshops, I will in the future hope to be supplementing  my in-store classes with the newest online format of video workshops.  These will be super as they will be available at your time convenience, and in a multitude of categories from Williamsburg wreaths to hand tied bouquets; with all materials needed packed for pickup or delivered to you direct.  This new format will simulate working side by side with me as the in-store workshops, making for an in depth instruction; a one on one learning experience guaranteeing your results for sure and…available to anyone in the world!

Check back here now and again for an update-or better yet, just sign up for the newsletter!

See you in class!

Lynn :))

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