Saving Wolves-Saving My Friends

Here is a quick mini plea from me.  It is very sad that my friends out west are in trouble- watch the video from our friends at NRDC-and please…. sign the petition.


Willow -:

Watch this 



Ashley Judd to the President-Save Our Wolves


I was so glad to see this video !  Ashley is such a nice lady to help my friends; I am so worried for them.  Every day another family is being broken up.  I sure hope Mr. Obama listens.  But isn’t that what our President is supposed to do?  Listen to us?     After you watch it, read about them and sign the petition letter-it is already written for you.  (made it easy for me)

Thanks and paws to the Defenders of Wildlifethey rock.

xo Willow

Saving Wolves on Valentine’s Day-My White Knight

As I helped Lynn create our Valentine window promotion I began to wonder …because I know we always have a meaning to every display on Holidays.  I suspected what was coming because we recently went to see a rescued, white wolf; and was he ever handsome-and was I ever smitten, to say the least.

The display was a life size wolf and pups that just seemed to be looking calmly-out at the passersby.  I wondered about my wild relatives-were they all handsome?  I wondered if they are happy, I wondered if they are safe like me, and I wondered if I would ever see my white knight again or, any others.
I tipped my head and Lynn explained that my white knight was indeed handsome and…her inspiration.  I learned they are very happy in the wild, but not very safe-and soon…..may not always be there.   I was shocked; why would they be leaving and where would they go?  Was there something I needed to learn? I kept thinking about education being freedom-like my racing industry.
Many humans don’t really understand the wolf families or how important they are to the balance of Nature; but yet instead fear they will attack people and farm animals.  Sadly; the western states and Alaska are shooting them from helicopters.  I thought to myself; “Oh if only they had some racing lessons from me, I could help.”  And worse; even the special pack in Yellowstone Park is being watched and possibly ground hunted too.  It took animal people a very long time to bring them back to the park and now they are in danger all over again too.    I get very distressed with humans at times.  In my world, we all know and respect each other.  We know the planet is just not for us canines-but for all of us to share.   I now understood the display, but what could Lynn & I, or anyone do?
So much to my delight, we came up with a ‘howling’ wolf benefit for Valentine’s Day-in honor of my white knight.     On February 12-14 we asked our Valentine shoppers to help towards the campaign to save the wolves.   And they did!  We had a basket full of donations to send off to the campaign.  I send all who helped a paws up and a warm lean!  (we greys lean on those they like)  Please sign the petition and send a message that we want the wolves to stay.  It only takes a minute-no strings.   I think it was just the perfect day to have a heart for my relatives, I would not want someones sweetheart hunted; and…my white knight…sigh…I loved his eyes……  xxoo  Willow