New Noah Movie Is Animal Free

Of any movie expected to use a gazillion of my animal friends-it would be Noah.   Gathering two of every wild & captive, exotic  animal could have started me and my animal actor friends on an animal riot as many could have been swiped from their homes.  Like all the Shamu’s 🙁

Well….animation artists instead, created 14,000 animals on the *lightbox!  Animal free movies are an amazing and wonderful thing,  and my usual impatience with Lynn and her lightbox has taken a new turn.   “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, use, or entertain” me & my PETA friends rally; money makes people do things they otherwise wouldn’t to us.

I heard that hunky star Russell Crowe, was promised no houseboat of giraffes to dance with.    It was not a joke from director Darren Aronofsky because he was the recipient of the Humane Society’s Humane Filmmaker Award!    A director with a heart who knows that off screen abusive training methods and poor housing is common in all industries including the film industry, just like my dog racing.  You never see behind the scenes.  I know never want to go back, I was always cramped in my crate,  and always hungry.

 I wonder if Noah saved 2 greyhounds hmmm.. . . and if the animators included us in the story.

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**Note from Lynn “Willow refers to my computer as the lightbox 🙂

Poinsettia Gift And The History of Poinsettias -The Noche Buena

So many ask me about this red plant that now is the largest selling plant by the millions every year. Native to Mexico and Central America, poinsettias, grow wild up to nearly 10 feet blooming in the winter.  The red ‘flowers’ botanically, are really not flowers at all, yet are just red leaves surrounding the yellow centers-the real  flower of the plant. The Aztecs called them Cuetlaxochitle which translates to “flower of leather petals”.  Their legend says the plant came from their captives spilled blood.  Grown for decoration and medicine; the plants latex sap was used for fevers and cloth dye made from the leaves.

Montezuma is said to have adored them and surrounded himself with glorious poinsettia gardens; revering but never touching them. He thought them to be divine gifts from the Gods, as metaphors of beautiful feelings.  How profound; as we are just learning the power of fresh flowers in our daily lives; amazing the ancient ones are so far behind us,yet also so far ahead of us.

 They also carry the Mexican legend of a miraculous bouquet of weeds blossoming into a poinsettia at the hand of a poor child approaching the altar of Jesus at Christmas;  they were since known as “Flower of the Holy Night” la flor de la noche buena.   With the history, the legend, the color, and the National date; it is no wonder they became the gift of our modern day.

Poinsettias Coming To America

In 1851 Congress officially established  December 12 as National Poinsettia Day to honor the passing of Mr. Joel  Poinsett;  yes there really was a Mr. Poinsett born in Charleston, SC in 1779. Oddly, December 12th is also the day of the celebrated plant in Mexico.   Among his many accomplishments were congressman, the 15th Secretary of War, and US Minister to Mexico; but it seemed gardening was his passion and now surprisingly, that which he is known for today .  While in Mexico, visiting a local church on an 1825 Christmas Day, Mr. Poinsett visited a local church nativity scene adorned with them.  Enamored, he brought back a few seedlings for his hothouses on his SC plantation and so it began.

double poinsettias

Beautiful Poinsettias

The Gift and Care

As a holiday symbol, it is the perfect gift to anyone or business.  A good plant will last well into February, and continue on for another season with a little, proper care.   A tall, show plant is perfect as a business gift or home décor piece.  While a bowl or basket of miniature plants suits a table or counter perfectly.  While in bloom, they do not require direct sun, and only ask for a weekly watering.  They are of a tropical mind so a misting is most welcome to their leaves; not required to live; but will be happier

 The Fears According to Willow

Check Willows blog post where she separates the myths & danger rumors to the facts.  Poinsettia fears are just not true and she assures you with her all knowing wisdom and research as only she can.  Smile

Happy Happy and Merry Merry


Willow On The Web

Me & My Ted

Today I don’t have to go to work-yay!  Lynn & I get to stay home, working on our writings and lay like broccoli.

 This day is about freedom; and it is a very precious thing-believe me I know.  I bet  you didn’t know that Lynn renamed me Willow  because in the Language of Flowers it means ‘freedom’.  I really had no freedom as a youngster; I like to run now and again but dog racing is not just running-we had no freedoms execpt out to the track for that couple minutes.    When you’re contained all day- that racetrack was our few minutes of freedom so we almost looked forward to it and ran like the wind.  But it is a shortlived high as the track is round and just brings you back to where you started.

We understand what your human Sigmund Frued said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”  Hmmm   We racers kinda understand this quote, but we never gave up on our dreams that some time maybe the racetack would not be round that day.

So today I understand all the fanfare, and I celebrate too because there is nothing more important than being free to choose how you live, and how you play.  I am free to play, explore, sniff,  and lay like broccoli.  Among other things I now  have  5 beds, 3 baskets of stuffies, yummy organic food, salon appointments, couture clothes,  my own blog, an email, and a teddy bear!     Hip Hip Hooray for Independence!!      I love it.

Watch for my Willow Says Facebook Page soon, until then email me    My own email-so very cool.

  Happy 4th       Always dreaming, Willow