Easter Wheatgrass-For Pretty-For Health-For the Planet

 Wheatgrass is well known in the decorative world, but even more notable in the health food industry and our environment.

Spring has arrived at the store and with it our local grown, organic, wheatgrass is everywhere!  I love the deep green color and the softness of the blades.   It is one of those things that makes you feel good just to look at it. It unleashes all sort of mental imagery outside our hectic, confined lives.    We always have wheatgrass in the store; but early Spring I seem to overdo it and become addicted with ‘wheatgrass décor mania’.

We make grass bowls, grass nests of flowers, grass egg and flower baskets, grass gardens, and grassy gifts for cats & dogs.  Each Easter basket ordered always has a little hidden clump amongst the flowers; complete with an egg or butterfly nestled within.  An extra little whimsy from me to you;  hopefully giving pause to stop and give you  your own imagery.    Decorating with wheatgrass is one of my favorite choices as it enhances any décor style.  For the Victorian home; filling an ornate, silver bowl and propping a vintage papier mache egg in the center is perfect.  For the modern home; it can be placed in a square, low dish with a simple, stone egg for a Zen effect.  In the rustic or country home; a hollowed log or vintage enamelware pan is charming with a birds nest off to the side.   One of my favorites is a dish of wheatgrass  under a glass, bell jar or cloche; adding little extras found on a walk like a feather, robins eggshell, or when lucky -an abandoned bee hive.

Wheatgrass is a good buy as it is not just decorative but also a highly, nutritious edible-making it a great, dual gift.  It is a natural detoxifier and blood purifier.  The nutritious qualities are endless,  and even placing a tray of wheatgrass at your bedside enhances the rooms oxygen helping with a sound sleep-as do many plants.   Willow loves it; as do most animals.  We should always watch the animals and take a lesson from them; they know what we seem to miss.

Grass in general has become the brand symbol of the green movement.  It speaks fresh, environment, health, and Spring.  And it is in fact a green item in terms of the environment.   It is decorative yet useful, non toxic and nutritious, biodegradable, and local grown item.  It is healthy for both human and animal, and uses no chemical enhancements.  We just love wheatgrass.  Or as Willow would say-‘it rocks’!

We sell wheatgrass by the $5.clump or a $30 flat.  Ours is USDA Organic, and suitable for decorating as well as consumption.    Pick up a clump as a gift or for yourself-feel good-Happy Easter-and sweet dreams.