Flower Preservation-Save Your Valentine’s Day Flowers & Bones Forever

Don’t you just love getting fresh flowers or a new bone, but hate to see them dry up and die?  Me too.   Did you know we have a way to preserve your pretty flowers?  We do.

preserve your flowers don't dry them

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Flower preservation is something I kind of understand.  I bet you have brown & crispy flowers in a box somewhere from a prom or an “old friend”.  I have bones that I loved too and haven’t looked at in quite some time, however I keep them too and I never forget any of them.  When I am sniffing around my preserved stash of bones I am instantly transformed back to its first day of gnawing.  Love it.  Each one is different and brings back a happy thought.



So, if you were given a special bouquet of flowers at a special time or…from a special person, then don’t just put them in a box or pack them in a closet.  Bring your flowers in let us save them for you.  We have a big machine called a freeze dryer that will like magic, dry and preserve your flowers.  I know how it is to being sentimental  for my bones and you will love this for any occasion..like your flowers for Valentine’s Day!

rescued greyhound having a bone

Me with one of my many bones



Willow 🙂 ♥♥



It’s Valentine’s Day- Flowers And Me!

Valentine dog Ok all you humans, I think it is time to start preparing for the big day.  Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you wait too overly long my appointment book for personal photos & greetings will be filled :), and many flowers will be spoken for already.  

As you can see I am already giving myself a trial run as I don’t want to be last minute.  All who visit on Wednesday & Thursday will have more time with me as Friday will be limited to about 3 minutes.  Being a celebrity is such a difficult business.

We have some beauty of varieties coming in from Cally like calla lilies, anemones, French (yes the big 2 ft.ones) tulips…oh wow.   

 You know we have the most beautiful flowers alive so click the link below-choose your rose meaning then call me text me…make your appointment-and reserve me AND your flowers!

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For Valentine’s Day Save Yourself & Protect Your Identity

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine dog

With the approach of every heavy retail, buying time; I always think “here we go”, and here we go again with Valentine’s Day 2014.  A time of in your face ads, promises of quality, and shelves of cheap imported gifts-including flowers.

The big three gifts of this day are predominantly jewelry, flowers, and chocolate; with plush animals, lingerie and electronics rounding out the top 6 with total sales of nearly 16 billion dollars nationwide. Hmm we muse; then why are our communities in such financial situations if all this money is out there being spent. Because… most of the 16 billion will leave America whether with the products origin or the avenue used to make the purchase. And now, we have another threat-identity theft.

Do The Valentines’s Day Math

Waste moneyIt is a simple equation; a townspeople and main street shopping sustain each other.   If one or the other leaves, the town suffers and the people suffer.  Sometimes we get caught up in things and just go with the flow, kind of like lemmings.  We sigh and say “well that is just the way it is now”.

A ‘local’ Target, Walmart, or any other is not a local business, it is a corporate giant with a local presence-big difference.  It is of no wonder our local economies are in such trouble; we are giving all of our money to big corporations who send it outside the US border, ironically in return for inferior quality goods made outside the US.

Protect Your Valentine’s Day Heart Protect Your Identity

If your dollars are spent in local, businesses almost $70 out of every $100. stays local as opposed to  chain mega-stores where 60% of the nightly deposit is sent out of the state and country within 24 hours.  There is no Valentine heart, only enough is kept for their local expenses and the rest sails.  And this most definitely, includes big online merchants, because spending it there sends none of the money anywhere near your town much less our country.

 And now, yet another reason to stay local… your credit & debit cards are safer.  We don’t care about your identity; we care about you coming back again.  Identity thieves and hackers don’t concern themselves all that much about the local jewelry store and florist-they want the big guys.   

Show Your Valentine You Care

buy local flowers.jpg370x383


I am both an ecologist and artist first however, I am also a small business advocate and ever so proud of America.  Along with greening my business; the second aspect of restructuring to a sustainable eco florist also meant finding local & American anything and everything because I care about my customers, and the planet. 

Please don’t let me feel that all I and the 100’s of other businesses have done is in vain.  I believe you care-so make the effort .  Don’t let your purchases be guided by the cheapest prices because in the scheme of things you will pay dearly. 


This Valentine’s Day and every week, seek out a local business, see all they have to offer, see who they are, and remember…. when you buy from a local, small business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home or an identity thief run to the mall with your credit card.  Buying local helps your neighbor’s daughter get dance lessons, her little brother get his team jersey, their Mom put food on the table, and their dad pay the mortgage. 

 Your personal information is safer, your credit cards are safer, and your bank account is safer.  Customers are the shareholders of local businesses who really strive to make you happy because, they have a name,  a face, and ….we live here too, probably right down the road from you.  It’s not all about the money and yet it is all about the money.  One hand washes the other and also dries the other, and we really need to slow down, take a moment, and just think about our choices-before we have none. 

Be safe, call direct

Lynn 🙂

Flowers, Chocolates, and Dogs For A “Greyt” Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the day to recognize all of our loveys with flowers, candy…and bones.  There are many kinds of loveys; young ones, old ones, distant ones, human to butterfly to greyhound.    Each Holiday because we see so many people, we promote awareness to something we think everyone should know.   And this time; it’s my promotion and it’s all about me and my friends!  I just love “all about me”; and I am so excited this Valentine’s Day to be supporting  Grey2K USA ; the nationwide greyhound rescue and advocacy organization.

So, as a really cool idea for Valentine’s Day we have yummy, handmade, vegan too-chocolates in the shape of me.  I am really flying high flattered;   I mean have you ever had a chocolate of you? 

They come all wrapped up with a free Puppy Power button and greyhound card for only $15.00 as a donation to Grey2K.    These are very exclusive with only so many available so please be sure to get yours reserved when you order your bouquets.

As always, we have those beautiful, US  grown , flowers coming in for those “take your breath away” bouquets we make for you.    Add a chocolate dog to our One Rose Says it All”  special, download our free Victorian Valentine;  and you have just the perfect gift!   See  my other  post about the Rose travel & personalities, and Lynn’s Rose meanings .

I will be greeting  everyone at the store with a big red ribbon on my collar, so please stop by and help me make this the best promotion ever for me and my friends who are still waiting for their own lovey.   I actually have a promise from Lynn that if I sell all the chocolates I will get an entire day just her and I to the mountains-and that is the best present because she is my lovey.

Click here to see our Valentine Specials & Favorites or above at Shop The Store

p.s. I have a benefit  arrangement available year round in our Flowers For A Cause shop

Love and Leans to everyone on Valentine’s Day!


Saving Wolves on Valentine’s Day-My White Knight

As I helped Lynn create our Valentine window promotion I began to wonder …because I know we always have a meaning to every display on Holidays.  I suspected what was coming because we recently went to see a rescued, white wolf; and was he ever handsome-and was I ever smitten, to say the least.

The display was a life size wolf and pups that just seemed to be looking calmly-out at the passersby.  I wondered about my wild relatives-were they all handsome?  I wondered if they are happy, I wondered if they are safe like me, and I wondered if I would ever see my white knight again or, any others.
I tipped my head and Lynn explained that my white knight was indeed handsome and…her inspiration.  I learned they are very happy in the wild, but not very safe-and soon…..may not always be there.   I was shocked; why would they be leaving and where would they go?  Was there something I needed to learn? I kept thinking about education being freedom-like my racing industry.
Many humans don’t really understand the wolf families or how important they are to the balance of Nature; but yet instead fear they will attack people and farm animals.  Sadly; the western states and Alaska are shooting them from helicopters.  I thought to myself; “Oh if only they had some racing lessons from me, I could help.”  And worse; even the special pack in Yellowstone Park is being watched and possibly ground hunted too.  It took animal people a very long time to bring them back to the park and now they are in danger all over again too.    I get very distressed with humans at times.  In my world, we all know and respect each other.  We know the planet is just not for us canines-but for all of us to share.   I now understood the display, but what could Lynn & I, or anyone do?
So much to my delight, we came up with a ‘howling’ wolf benefit for Valentine’s Day-in honor of my white knight.     On February 12-14 we asked our Valentine shoppers to help towards the campaign to save the wolves.   And they did!  We had a basket full of donations to send off to the campaign.  I send all who helped a paws up and a warm lean!  (we greys lean on those they like)  Please sign the petition and send a message that we want the wolves to stay.  It only takes a minute-no strings.   I think it was just the perfect day to have a heart for my relatives, I would not want someones sweetheart hunted; and…my white knight…sigh…I loved his eyes……  xxoo  Willow