Robert Redford Speaks Real….as always

Second to my Mom; one of my favorite mentors and inspiration-he always speaks real.  I learned from them both to stand up on what I see and walk the talk……

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It’s Sundance Film Festival Time

As many of you know I am a Sundance Festival fan-I love indie films, the Sundance Institute, and Utah.  This year it runs Jan. 20- 30th with again a roster of the newest and brightest films and documentaries.   I always look forward to the new environmental movies, and this year there are again two big hits of major controversy.

In the past we saw “The Cove”, the daring expose on the yearly, mass, dolphin killing in Japan which has stopped since the film came out-yay!   “Gasland“, the thought provoking inside look at the fracking issue which is debating as we speak right in our own backyard.  And of course “FUEL”-the eye opening saga of our oil addiction and all that is behind it.

Watch the trailers for two new eco films this year:

Lost Mountain: A Year in the Vanishing Wilderness”  A docu-drama about the massive devastation of thestrip mining of  Lost Mtn. in Kentucky.  So far 500 Appalachian mountains, 1 million acres of forest, and 200 miles of streams have been ruined and destroyed.   Every night we here in NY turn on our lights-it began in Kentucky-something to think about.

The second;  “If A Tree Falls”.   A film focusing on the Earth Liberation Front-known as ELF; and one activist charged with eco-terrorism.   A thought provoking and debatable film, but a film of great heart providing a different look at the lengths a true environmentalist will go to save the planet.
Go to the Sundance Festival site to see the entire line-up of films in all categories.

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Sundance Film Festival & Flowers


Every January the Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City, Utah.  In fact, the photo of myself and ‘Hoot’ the owl on the About Us  page was taken there.  It is a melting pot of the newest and brightest short films, documentaries, and motion pictures.  A perfect setting for freethinking, nature,  and the arts.  Utah itself is awe inspiring; a treasure of national parks and wildlands.  Three environmental films up for competition this year to watch for:

Wasteland-a documentary that chronicles a photographer to the world’s largest landfill and the pickers who sift through it; recycling their lives from society’s garbage.   Sounds like a world away from our own kitchen trash bin-lest not we forget that away is somewhere.

Tungijug-a though provoking story on the annual seal hunt .  The Inuit depend on them for food and the rest of the world for cheap fur coats.

Gasland-A relevant film to our local area regarding the push for the natural gas drilling process of ‘fracking’.  A powerful look into the environmental issues involved here in our own Sullivan County, and across the nation.   A lucrative offer to many rural landowners, seems a death sentence to the environment.

This is a fitting month to highlight one of the benefit arrangements in our online shopping section-the EcoShop; under Flowers For A Cause.   These arrangements are specifically designed to reflect the charity foundation they represent, with 20% donated.  Sundance is many things beside the festival; one being the Sundance Preserve.  An environmental foundation promoting preservation of our wildlands.  I have a design which I named the

“River Runs Bowl.”  A rustic beauty I felt depicted its namesake movie, director, and Sundance founder.

River Runs Bowl

Follow the festival and watch some clips of all the films at Sundance Festival