Save the Easter Plants

Plant or donate your Easter plants instead of tossing them.  Don’t sentence  them to the landfill.

We all await spring with Easter being the signal that it is not far away.  The potted bulbs have arrived in the store giving an instant refreshment from the stuffy indoor air we all have tolerated.  The hyacinth and snow white lilies are nothing short of glorious for scent (natural aromatherapy like no other), while  the daffodils and jonquils are just the happiest things around.  Like sunflowers, you just smile when you look at them.

But….I always worry at the fate of all these beautiful lilies and bulb gardens going out my door at Easter; and the 1000’s even more in the mega stores, gas stations, and garden centers.  Are they a momentary joy for the day?  Are they welcomed into the recipients family of other plants or…. shunned after 2 weeks?   Are any from years ago still entertaining every spring as they should be?  Does everyone realize these are a living entity?
Yes, I am the kind who buys those poor, ignored, on clearance, cypress trees in the grocery store the week after Christmas-they pull at my heart at their lack of care as I know how hard they tried to live. All plants are living beings in my eyes, and I feel just as responsible for them as I would for my Willow.

1909 postcard

Unfortunately, in our saturated world of goods upon goods; there are millions of these plants grown every year-with the majority imported from Canada; and every year they are sentenced to a landfill after only a few weeks of giving us their best.  All that human energy and fuel to get them here picture perfect-seems a huge waste all around and an unjust reward for their sweet pleasure they so freely gave us.  I can never grasp why someone would carelessly toss them instead of taking a minute to plant outside.  Each Spring I drive by dumpsters loaded with spent lilies and headless, pots of tulips; abandoned and left to die.   I think we should start a community project in each town of ‘Save the Bubs”.  Think what a show it would make for our towns, parks, and government buildings every spring-and the money saved.
All your traditional Easter bulbs including lilies, tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, and narcissus, are perennials.   Which means….they bloom every year.  They are cold hardy, easy adapters, and faithful souls.   Each year at spring they will come back and bloom profusely without a bit of care.  They know what to do and when to do it all by themselves; and it is so easy to give them a chance.  As the leaves turn brown cut back the stem and just replant them outside when frost warnings are over. That’s it!
If you would prefer an early, indoor show next year; water them as any other houseplant through the summer.   Bulbs need a cold period to rest and rejuvenate so at summers end I store them in a cold basement or refrigerator to sleep.  Around late January I wake them up, repot, and start their diet of weekly watering  in a sunny spot.      And then… magic they come alive.  This year my narcissus was blooming during our January blizzard; it was just the best.

local grown jonquils

Local grown jonquils

If you are not inclined toward dirt, potting and watering; then give them away to your favorite gardener, or better yet-a park or inner city area that needs beautification.    I have even seen them blooming in the woods-an obvious attempt to disown them-yet they lived on.
Always saving,  Lynn

For Earth Day

This weekend is Earth Day; one of the most revered of days for anyone of clue and conscience.   Most think of it as just another day for the likes of tree huggers and old Woodstock goers; thinking it started with them, but it did not.

Our planet has supported its inhabitants in every way possible for millions of years; without its resources we would not be here at this very moment.  From the water to the trees to the soil and the bees …..there is no other entity that is more important to our existence; it is our friend, our enjoyment, our protector, and our life giver. So many scoff and so many more ignore; but it is an indisputable fact; we cannot survive without it, and if it is injured and sickened so will we be.  Just as you would protect and care for your loved ones, so should you the planet.

What seemed to me... a cathedral in Utah

I so often wonder how humans can be so selfishly blind as to take so much from something so giving and treat it with such disrespect and unconcern.  It is used and used and given back nothing; not even a considerate thought.  I urge you to sit for a moment wherever you are and take in any scene-your home, your business, your backyard, or your bedroom.    Any object you see has been enabled because of the planet.  Whether furniture, computer, your lunch, your clothes, your pool, or the scene out the window.  None of those things are possible without the help of the planet and its resources.  Think about that, I implore you to really think about it.

Imagine the impact if on this one day we all planted a tree, or we all did not cut a tree.  Imagine if we all unplugged our cell chargers from the outlet for just one day, or if we did not let the water run as we all brushed our teeth tonight.  Imagine if the cruise ships did not dump their waste in the ocean on just that day.

 Earth Day is just a single day of your life, once a year, to stop and thank this planet for everything it has done and struggles to still give us.   Are we not taught to thank when given a gift? And aren’t we ever so grateful for help with no strings?

There are a multitude of large and small things we can do in thanks, look around you and it will become clear…crystal.

            Five Easy Earth Day Thank You’s 

Turn off your car at a drive-thru

Creatively reuse something-at least once

Lower your thermostat 5 degrees

Buy one local (or at least US) grown product at the grocery

Flip your paper in the printer

Recycle your Sunday paper

 Look out the window, promise to do better and, say “thank you”.

 A simple quote from one of histories most famous environmentalists and my favorite mentor.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe.”  John Muir 1869

Seeing what John Muir saw

Resolutions and Paper Towels

The Holidays are officially over, and resolutions are abundant.  Resolutions are a funny thing; they can be large or small, they can be painless or overwhelming.   However, we believe they are always for the better.  I myself, try just one green change no matter how insignificant it seems to everyone in the store or the world; because  collectively , small changes grow up to be large ones.

We all exchanged gifts at the store with one additional from me.  Lined up with pretty red bows were soft rolls of (100% recycled, environmentally made) paper towels-one tagged  for each person.  Of course it was comical at first with much laughter, then mysterious, and finally incredulous.  Everyone knows I am a tree lover and ban their daily use in the store.  So …why would I be gifting them?  Hmm-they knew something was up.  Well, each tag came with my wish for a resolution to try to lessen their use in their own lives. Even to just stop and think about it.

Or of course, if they chose to eke them out for the year as their own private store roll-that was their choice.  This seemed a very small resolution request.  I suspect to some it seems totally overwhelming, but it really isn’t if you just think on this trivial action for a moment.    Paper towels are an addictive habit.  They are easy, available, and replaceable.  However, if every household replaced just one-only one-virgin fiber, paper towel roll with an environmentally made roll; do you know how many trees we could save?   A phenomenal  544,000.   That’s a State park-can you imagine that…….try to-really try.