Love A Tree Day-The Decorah Bald Eagles-Gazillion Reason 10 Of Why To Love Trees

For the past 2 spring times I wake up to birds chirping and twigs rustling.  At first I thought I was dreaming but I soon realized it was coming from as usual…Lynn’s lightbox*.  I found out I was listening to the Decorah Eagle Project  in Iowa, the  idea of the Raptor Resource Project.  In 2007, they climbed 80 ft up a cottonwood tree near the Decorah Fish Hatchery to a bald eagle nest installing webcams to document the lives of Mom & Dad eagle and their family.

decorah eagles

In my thinking it is a no brainer why the smart eagles are there-the aroma must be yum to them.  You should hear how loud the chirping gets when M & D fly in with breakfast; and you would not believe how ‘wild’ the menu is.  We never know.  The nest is huge-bigger even than my bed.  It measures 6 ft across and weighs 1 1/2 tons!  Can you imagine..and can you imagine the tree that supports it.  I love that tree  🙂 Lynn & I are going to build one at the shop to show everyone just how cool these birds are-and how big their bed is! (on the ground and not weighing a ton of course)

You know…sometimes Mom eagle will look right at one of the cams almost as if she knows they are being watched.  We kinda turn away feeling a little guilty-almost like we are spying on a private family and then turn it off.  But we realize that this private look maybe will inspire others to see nature and how we must protect it-and more important, how we are not the only families on this planet.

So I say paws up to trees today May 16-Love A Tree Day; because they are so important to all creatures and especially to us because let’s not forget…without them we couldn’t breathe on earth

Love A tree day graphic

Watch the live cam here  and when you next send flowers if you love birds and want to help them; maybe check out  our Flowers For A Cause  first….yup we designed a special arrangement to benefit our own local Raptor Center.

Happy Love A Tree Day-and please go hug your favorite tree -they like knowing they are loved too.

Treehugger Willow :))

*Willows calls computers-lightboxes :0 Lynn

Planting Trees For The Coyote

I love trees.  They give us the ability to breathe, they shade us, they give us dog houses, and they feed some of us.   The other day riding through the mountains, Lynn and I saw a rather weathered looking coyote.  I thought about him a long time after-a distant relative being so cold and hungry.  I knew he was hiding amongst the trees; I was grateful for their shelter to him.   Then I thought of the cool program Lynn and I have included at the store.   (She hugs trees, you know.)

We partnered with the National Forest Foundation in Montana to plant trees in our US forests for the small, 2 bone fee of just 95 cents.   I am delighted with this as I know it will create many new neighborhoods for me and the entire animal kingdom; a wonderful gesture for so little.  And real exciting is, you can also plant a 10 tree, mini forest in honor of someone (me if you want!), or as a birthday-anniversary-remembrance.  They even send a card acknowledging your gift, which is so very gracious.  We will be adding both options real soon at your  order checkout in the EcoShop.  Until then, please just request it when placing your order.

National forests belong to all of us.  I think I will give up a bag of treats this month and plant a mini forest for that lost coyote.

xxoo  Willow