Buy From Local Pet Friendly Stores

With our honor a few years ago, as chosen one of the Merchant Success Story’s on ;  I thought I would  again pass on just a few of my  itty bitty thoughts about buying local that are easy to do.  Sometimes we get caught up hurrying and forget.   Actually they are simple and itty bitty, but really huge in impact.  It may seem a little more effort and a few more dollars, but in the end it is a super good thing for us all, human and hound alike.  Please let me know where you go locally, or if you found a really neat local business that I should know about-especially if it is pet friendly…like ours!

Me shopping local!

Here are my tips to buy local

*  Visit a locally owned and operated business just once  per week-support your own town and shelter.

*  Look for the Dog Whisperer’s book at a corner book store first  not online

*  Eat lunch (that gives leftover bags!)  at the local sandwich shop down the street not  the franchise-visit with your neighbors

*  Buy your next gift at a local store-not  at the mall or chain store.  No long wait and we get home sooner for the walk.

*  Buy a toy at that cool local toy store-they have mindful not  mindless toys.

*  Get your medicine at a local pharmacy-they know  your name…and mine!.

*  Visit a local nursery for your lawn & garden needs-buy quality not quantity that’s safe  for me,  the bees, and the butterflies too.

*  Supplement your groceries at the local Farmers Market- taste  the difference-yum I do.

And from my world….try to visit our local pet stores, businesses, and groomers.  I know it is easy to go for a “one stop” of food, treats, and grooming too; but they are big, big, chain stores and that money does not stay in our town much less our animal shelters.  If everyone went local then maybe these businesses would be able to contribute for a dog park!

P.S.   FYI….My greyhound rescue group used to have Meet & Greets for ex racers needing homes; but now the big box pet chain won’t let us unless we give them your names for marketing purposes.   I guess they are not really walking the talk of thinking about rescues-it’s just about the sales, so… sorry Mr. Dog Whisperer Cesar, we adore you but………..                                                      we are not obeying that command!


Willow  xxoo  

China, shopping our store. My fav pet store besides ours of course….. is Positively Pets right here in New Windsor-pet friendly too!

Poinsettia Poisoning To Dogs-The Myths And Fears

They will poison your pet friends and sicken your children. Poinsettia poisoning to dogs.  How many times have you heard this; and how many times I have heard Lynn warned about me sniffing them, I can’t count.   How this rumor began, I wonder of maybe some mean rival, but in fact I have read about a case in 1919 involving a child, but you know what?  That is the only single, incident documented and it was never proven that a poinsettia was the villainous cause.   Hmph…so much for that!.

However, for over 100 years the tales of poinsettia poisoning to dogs have wagged around the terrible threats against this beautiful and sniffable plant.  This has been one of those so common myths that even a survey of florists found they thought it to be true! Even my friends at the dog park whisper that I should be careful and not even swish by them; my goodness can you imagine that when the shop is brimming with them!  First let me inform you that the bitter taste and sap of the poinsettia does nothing to entice us for a second helping.  Not palatable to anyone I know.

But can you guess how many leaves me, my friends both human and not would have to eat to become ill?

Poinsettia no danger to puppies

Two of my new friends.. double fun

The Big Poinsettia Dinner

So how much would we have to eat?  Over 500 leaves to get ill.  That equates to 10 to 25 plants depending on the size!  Geez, that is one heck of a feast and feat for something not tasty.   And actually, this can be said of nearly any plant in the shop, with the exception of only a few.   Like pansies…I love pansies they are yummy.

Study on top of test has been performed so, since some of you may doubt a greyhound ‘diva florist’, no matter my  ancestry and learning; I have listed the studies below for you.  So decorate away with these beautiful plants, because me and my friends are a bit more educated than we think you credit us for-a bad taste is a bad taste no matter the creature.

Health centers, veterinary groups, and horticultural organizations surveyed concluded that these pretty plants are not toxic and pose no health threat to children or pets. So, poinsettia poisoning to dogs is really a myth.

Here is the info provided by the Society of American Florists….

>Ohio State University tested various parts of the poinsettia (unfortunately on rats-I protest animal testing but they lived!) and found no toxicity even at large doses.

>The Society of American Florists says no other consumer plant has been tested more than a poinsettia

>The ASPCA Animal Poison Center in Urbana, ILL says it regards poinsettias as having such a  low toxicity that  it doesn’t even recommend decontaminating animals who have eaten them.  There can be gastrointestinal distress but only from eating something alien to our system.

>The AVMA, American Veterinary Medicine Assoc. does not include poinsettias on its list of plants as a threat to animals.

                            As always, be happy and p.s.…bring home a poinsettia.

Hugs & Leans, Willow

Lend Your Voice to New York State Animal Cruelty & Puppy Mill Bills

Today I peeked up to wake Lynn to remind her about the important things she had to do online today.

Willow the famous greyhound You see, no matter what celebrity or fame I now have, and no matter how many photos, emails, or appearance I make on behalf of the store and our causes…I am still classified as an animal governed under the Agriculture & Markets in the state of NY.  Classified as such an “animal”, I unfortunately have few to zero rights and laws to protect me… even with Lynn by my side to help me.

In her spring post  {click and read} you read about her trip for all us “animals” (so undignified a term ugh. You are beings, and so are we!) to the state legislature to lobby for more humane laws in NY and to fight against the influx of puppy mills hoping to now camp here from PA.

Wildlife is in peril across the world, from our wolves to our wild horses to our elephants and whales.  Lynn and I do what we can by donating a percent of all our sales to them and.. with our Flowers For A Cause you know you can send flowers and support your favorites.

Well my friends, you may think your paws are tied but the way to start is right  in your home state wherever you are. These bills are up for vote in NY right now and if you have any love for your own family beings, then this is the time to show it.  Visit right now the Humane Society links I put below to see the rights we don’t have, and how you can make a difference.  Don’t be scared-you don’t need money, just your name or paw saying you love us and want us protected…and you won’t get on a blacklist either.

We need your help and protection now….Please use your right to speak because we have no rights and… we cannot .

Humane society of NY

The Consolidated Animal Crimes Bill (A.775a/S.1776)

Puppy Mill Crackdown  A.740a/S.3753a

Any comments for me-leave them below; and thanks ever so much for being my friend,


ASPCA Anniversary-Yippee!

           This month is the 140th anniversary of the ASPCA; the first organization for animal welfare.


I am one of the lucky ones, and all because one man 140 years ago had a conscience.  So for me, this month is cause for hoorays and yippees.  Many don’t know or understand how my life was or could have ended up before I was let go from racing.   It was exciting, and I love to run, but read this from the ASPCA to see what I did and how I lived.    The society in West Palm Beach is not all it is cracked up to be; I looove riding in cars so race them not dogs!
History says, in 1866 a cart driver in New York City was whipping his poor, withered horse when an elegant man stepped in and defended the horse.  A Mr. Henry Bergh was this gallant man who then went on to petition NY for a charter to protect all animals in the state naming it the American Society of Prevention and Cruelty to Animals.   And on April 10, 1866 the law passed, along with the right to enforce it.   It was begun for working animals but soon graduated to help us all, in any area where animals live and work.  There are no real federal laws regarding us; I think there should be.Their logo was created about Mr. Bergh’s meddling, showing a guardian angel helping a cart horse.  I think that is the best.   April licensing of pets today even stems from their mantra of responsible pet ownership.
Just so you know….the ASPCA today works to:

– Fight tirelessly on state and national levels to pass laws that protect animals.  Or rather, doggedly!
– Provide the latest medical care at the ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital.
– Offer a 24/7 resource for animal poison-related emergencies through their Animal Poison Control Center.
– Operate an 8,000-square-foot state-of-the-art adoption facility.  Wow-that is big!
– Help at-risk horses with the ASPCA Equine Fund.
– Offer expert advice on common dog, cat and horse behavior issues.  I got over that, but so many of my friends are  confused still.
– Send out the ASPCA Disaster Response Team to help animals in times of emergency.  We get so lost in emergencies-especially when we lose our parents and home.
– Employ a Humane Law Enforcement department to uphold New York City’s animal cruelty laws.  These people rock!
– Provide a fleet of ASPCA mobile spay/neuter clinics to serve low-income communities throughout New York City.  There are sooo many puppies in the streets.
Cruelty is when an animal is intentionally harmed or not given food, water, and medical care.  Unfortunately we speak a different language and can’t really call for help when we need it-but you can.  Always keep an eye out for all animals in the human world-check out my friend’s video below.  I told him the English language was tougher than rawhide!

Be Their Voice

The main headquarters are still in New York City and operate entirely on donations and private funding from people just like my Lynn.    So please, please call your local ASPCA or police department if you ever see anything mean spirited.     For all my friends, xxoo Willow
Visit their website at

Easter Wheatgrass-For Pretty-For Health-For the Planet

 Wheatgrass is well known in the decorative world, but even more notable in the health food industry and our environment.

Spring has arrived at the store and with it our local grown, organic, wheatgrass is everywhere!  I love the deep green color and the softness of the blades.   It is one of those things that makes you feel good just to look at it. It unleashes all sort of mental imagery outside our hectic, confined lives.    We always have wheatgrass in the store; but early Spring I seem to overdo it and become addicted with ‘wheatgrass décor mania’.

We make grass bowls, grass nests of flowers, grass egg and flower baskets, grass gardens, and grassy gifts for cats & dogs.  Each Easter basket ordered always has a little hidden clump amongst the flowers; complete with an egg or butterfly nestled within.  An extra little whimsy from me to you;  hopefully giving pause to stop and give you  your own imagery.    Decorating with wheatgrass is one of my favorite choices as it enhances any décor style.  For the Victorian home; filling an ornate, silver bowl and propping a vintage papier mache egg in the center is perfect.  For the modern home; it can be placed in a square, low dish with a simple, stone egg for a Zen effect.  In the rustic or country home; a hollowed log or vintage enamelware pan is charming with a birds nest off to the side.   One of my favorites is a dish of wheatgrass  under a glass, bell jar or cloche; adding little extras found on a walk like a feather, robins eggshell, or when lucky -an abandoned bee hive.

Wheatgrass is a good buy as it is not just decorative but also a highly, nutritious edible-making it a great, dual gift.  It is a natural detoxifier and blood purifier.  The nutritious qualities are endless,  and even placing a tray of wheatgrass at your bedside enhances the rooms oxygen helping with a sound sleep-as do many plants.   Willow loves it; as do most animals.  We should always watch the animals and take a lesson from them; they know what we seem to miss.

Grass in general has become the brand symbol of the green movement.  It speaks fresh, environment, health, and Spring.  And it is in fact a green item in terms of the environment.   It is decorative yet useful, non toxic and nutritious, biodegradable, and local grown item.  It is healthy for both human and animal, and uses no chemical enhancements.  We just love wheatgrass.  Or as Willow would say-‘it rocks’!

We sell wheatgrass by the $5.clump or a $30 flat.  Ours is USDA Organic, and suitable for decorating as well as consumption.    Pick up a clump as a gift or for yourself-feel good-Happy Easter-and sweet dreams.

Secrets and Paper Towels

I have confusion with trees and paper towels.  Lynn says they are made from trees that we cut down in the woods & forests.   I just adore walking in the woods and could not even imagine my day without them.   And whatever would I do in the Summer as I loathe the hot sun; often reposing under a nice oak tree shaded, and being elegant.  (I hated racing in the West Palm Beach society; always sticky.  Thank goodness Lynn rescued me from that!)

Yet…. paper towels seem to take away any accident or mishap that I may incur while inside.  Which of course, I rarely do as it is so, so crass.  However, I found I was at a dilemma to work this out.  Lynn of course always comes to my embarrassing rescue and, with a green solution.  My own shiny, silver, bucket and pink sponge elegantly inscribed with ‘Willow’.  Just the perfect idea for my rare and so mortifying mishaps.   Best of all, it is cleaned and stored away with all its embarrassment; never to be sniffed by anyone at any garbage or worse, landfill.   My secret is safe, and. ….so are my woods.