Planting Trees For The Coyote

I love trees.  They give us the ability to breathe, they shade us, they give us dog houses, and they feed some of us.   The other day riding through the mountains, Lynn and I saw a rather weathered looking coyote.  I thought about him a long time after-a distant relative being so cold and hungry.  I knew he was hiding amongst the trees; I was grateful for their shelter to him.   Then I thought of the cool program Lynn and I have included at the store.   (She hugs trees, you know.)

We partnered with the National Forest Foundation in Montana to plant trees in our US forests for the small, 2 bone fee of just 95 cents.   I am delighted with this as I know it will create many new neighborhoods for me and the entire animal kingdom; a wonderful gesture for so little.  And real exciting is, you can also plant a 10 tree, mini forest in honor of someone (me if you want!), or as a birthday-anniversary-remembrance.  They even send a card acknowledging your gift, which is so very gracious.  We will be adding both options real soon at your  order checkout in the EcoShop.  Until then, please just request it when placing your order.

National forests belong to all of us.  I think I will give up a bag of treats this month and plant a mini forest for that lost coyote.

xxoo  Willow