Flower Preservation-Save Your Valentine’s Day Flowers & Bones Forever

Don’t you just love getting fresh flowers or a new bone, but hate to see them dry up and die?  Me too.   Did you know we have a way to preserve your pretty flowers?  We do.

preserve your flowers don't dry them

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Flower preservation is something I kind of understand.  I bet you have brown & crispy flowers in a box somewhere from a prom or an “old friend”.  I have bones that I loved too and haven’t looked at in quite some time, however I keep them too and I never forget any of them.  When I am sniffing around my preserved stash of bones I am instantly transformed back to its first day of gnawing.  Love it.  Each one is different and brings back a happy thought.



So, if you were given a special bouquet of flowers at a special time or…from a special person, then don’t just put them in a box or pack them in a closet.  Bring your flowers in let us save them for you.  We have a big machine called a freeze dryer that will like magic, dry and preserve your flowers.  I know how it is to being sentimental  for my bones and you will love this for any occasion..like your flowers for Valentine’s Day!

rescued greyhound having a bone

Me with one of my many bones



Willow 🙂 ♥♥



New Noah Movie Is Animal Free

Of any movie expected to use a gazillion of my animal friends-it would be Noah.   Gathering two of every wild & captive, exotic  animal could have started me and my animal actor friends on an animal riot as many could have been swiped from their homes.  Like all the Shamu’s 🙁

Well….animation artists instead, created 14,000 animals on the *lightbox!  Animal free movies are an amazing and wonderful thing,  and my usual impatience with Lynn and her lightbox has taken a new turn.   “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, use, or entertain” me & my PETA friends rally; money makes people do things they otherwise wouldn’t to us.

I heard that hunky star Russell Crowe, was promised no houseboat of giraffes to dance with.    It was not a joke from director Darren Aronofsky because he was the recipient of the Humane Society’s Humane Filmmaker Award!    A director with a heart who knows that off screen abusive training methods and poor housing is common in all industries including the film industry, just like my dog racing.  You never see behind the scenes.  I know never want to go back, I was always cramped in my crate,  and always hungry.

 I wonder if Noah saved 2 greyhounds hmmm.. . . and if the animators included us in the story.

Greyhounds Willow Says Blog



Willow Says greyhound blog

**Note from Lynn “Willow refers to my computer as the lightbox 🙂

Earth Hour 2013 And Me

Yay,  it’s Earth Hour this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. If you have been in the pillows and haven’t heard of this well it’s about time you did.  It all started 9 years ago in Sydney Australia  and  now it is a global event every year in over 7000 cities in 152 countries.  Seriously.

 It is a pack like thing to me-where everyone gets together for one goal-turn the lights off for just one hour to show your concern for the environment.  It’s a movement so you need to jump on board and join the pack.    Check out this video and then go to EarthHour.org for all the pack particulars.

Natural world

BTW-The World Wildlife fund has a very cool challenge.  It’s called “I will if you will” meaning what will you do to help the planet-and if I Willow do it-will you?  Hmm, I have pondered over what exactly would be something apropos…and I have it.

I will request that Lynn refill my abc bones  (already been chewed) instead buying a new one. Brilliant right?  Sometimes I amaze my green self.  J  Just think, the fillings are endless-peanut butter, can food, yogurt, or….ice cream!  Organic of course.  Think how many abc bones we would save, and how many animals, and how many trips to the store, and how much $$$.  It beyond me to add it all up-but I know it would be a ton.

So…if I can do it…you can do it.  Turn your lights off and cuddle up with your fav pack member for an hour or, at the veerrrry least -turn your darn lightboxes off  **

Side note from Lynn  lightboxes are computers and televisions to Willow; she’s so smart-she’s got a clue.

Be green and make the world happy!

Your fav green greyhound,


Happy Green Everything

Happy St. Patrick’s Day- From A Green Greyhound

It is almost time for my name to go to the temporary of O’Willow!  My UK ancestry grants me I think. 🙂

I love St. Patrick’s time because we love green, we live green, and we eat green and…. Lynn makes cabbage with veggie sausages.  Yum-I asked her for the recipe to share with you.  Recipe– the vegan sausages rock!

Always Dreaming,   Willow xo