Lobbying For The Humane Society In Albany

I happily closed the store today in honor of the Humane Society’s Lobby Day in Albany. This was a totally volunteer event for any who would make the effort to travel to Albany and  lobby on behalf of animal welfare.  There are so many people out there that have a care for our fellow creatures but are unsure of how to help, but the most powerful way is ironically not just a donation but, to go face to face with our local and state legislators.

Hunane Society Lobbying

Myself and fellow lobbyist Gwen

 I know there are 1000’s of issues from education to taxes needing attention; but animals are our fellow living creatures that are being treated terribly for big business on an hourly basis-and they need a priority.  We have to think outside ourselves beyond money, and try to be the people our pets think we are.  Yes, it takes an effort, yes it takes some time, but in person is the single most influential way to get the issues heard.  When constituents tell their local politicians that they are not happy-they listen.  It may take awhile but with consistency, they get the message that as their local supporter-this is what you support.  You are the one who put them in office, and they want to keep you feeling that way.

Look at all the animal lovers!

Look at all the animal lovers!

 There are so many animal welfare issues from inhumane treatment to poaching that it is difficult, but I ask you to choose which is your sore spot and go with it. I ask you to please take a moment and really think about which is more important …to take a half day from work or the thought of an abused animal out there getting no help or retribution-every  working day.  Or maybe a family of Yorkshire terriers kept in a 3 ft. cage at a puppy mill their entire lives while you go to the beach.  I feel it is an obvious with no option.

 We all know something in some area of animal cruelty and we need to stop pushing it to the side and “not thinking about it because we cannot handle it”; but yet how the animals are handling it. Humans are at the top of the natural world, and that privilege  comes with the responsibility to care and watch over those creatures under us.  Contact your local politician, sign a petition, make a phone call-if the tables were turned the animals would do it for us.  I know my Willow would do anything to save me as I would her.  It’s just the way it is.

                           Here the bills we were supporting today-and there are 100’s more waiting:


  • A.1769a/S.1711a, which would prohibit the possession, sale, offering for sale, trade, or distribution of shark fins in New York, introduced by Assembly member Alan Maisel, D-Brooklyn and Sen. Mark Grisanti, R-Buffalo.  Sharks are a menacing creature to most, but they are a vital part of the ecosystem keeping it in balance and their numbers are dropping so fast that they will soon only be a memory.  They are tossed back in the water after the fins are sliced off-perishing because they can’t swim. New York City has one of the highest consumption rates of shark fin in the country.
  • A.775a/S.1776, the Consolidated Animal Crimes Bill, which would modernize and improve New York’s anti-cruelty statues, introduced by Assembly member Linda Rosenthal, D-Manhattan and Sen. Charles Fuschillo, R-Massapequa. Right now if you call a police officer about an animal abuse, they can basically do nothing as animals are governed as farm animals that are considered even less by Agriculture & Markets. If your precious dog is terrorized and hurt by a neighbor, right now they basically get little more than a hand slap.  The laws in effect are outdated and near 100 yrs old; we need new & stronger laws and we need enforceable penalties, and we need them now.
  • A.1656, which would prohibit gestation crates for breeding pigs and veal crates for calves, which virtually immobilize the animals for their entire lives and prevent them from turning around, also introduced by Assembly member Rosenthal.  I would guess that 80% of the population does not know the horrific conditions on factory farms.  These animals live so cramped their entire lives with little to no room for movement-all for tender meat and money.  The shrink wrapped meat at the grocery comes to your table with a horrific past and it is an atrocity to the morals of our society.
  • A.3767, which would regulate the sale, possession and transportation of feral pigs, introduced by Assembly member Deborah Glick, D-Manhattan.  Wild pigs and hogs are bred and brought into NY for trophy hunt outings, an inhumane hobby in itself;  but they are an invasive animal species now proliferating the forests and farms; devastating the environment and food crops promoting this radical hunting.  It is not the animals fault, they are bred for this odd sport and highly intelligent enough to figure escape routes from the enclosures-which drops them with no place to go except in our laps.
  • A.1655a, which would create better housing and sanitary conditions for dogs raised and kept in high volume breeding facilities, otherwise known as puppy mills, introduced by Assembly member Rosenthal .Puppy mills are hidden compounds that crate purebreds for perpetual breeding.  They live in deplorable conditions in tiny cages with their puppies getting minimal care and never let out, thus developing both permanent  physical and behavioral issues.   These are the same dogs purchased online, in pet shops and big box pet stores and often advocated by the AKC.

As always, I ask you to please educate yourselves on what is going on within our animal world and take any action you can muster, no matter how small.  If you love horses-look into their slaughter issue.  If you adore elephants-google their poaching situation.   If you identify with whales & dolphins watch Whale Wars on Animal Planet and get motivated.  Money talks, so look for purchases that are animal friendly and cruelty free, or that give a percentage to your certain sore spot like Brooklyn’s Rescue Chocolate that supports shelter dogs, or my Flowers For A Cause  with flower designs that I donate part of the sale to a specific  benefit.  Any small act will make a difference and when compounded by many, it is huge.  You or I alone cannot save the world, but together we most definitely can because there truly is power in numbers-I saw that today.

Our basket to benefit greyhound rescue...of course

On of our designs to benefit greyhound rescue…of course

I thank the Humane Society and prompt you to visit the site

Inside The Greyhound Track

A quick update post because Grey2KUSA just sent us this video, it’s a lil sad; but it is how I lived while racing and I really didn’t now any different or what I was missing.  🙂 Do now!  Kinda like what you don’t know ….. Anyway, every day I meet our customers and they are so unaware of how me and my friends live at the tracks; or how uncertain and scary our lives are when we don’t race anymore.   So take a peek into our world (or how mine was)  I am so glad to be a diva florist now; you have no idea.

Video Dog racing kennels at the track  

And don’t forget!  Go to my flower arrangement  because…….

My Basket

Yay- for every one ordered 20 % goes to Grey2KUSA

Visit the site-for me.  🙂


Willow On The Web

Me & My Ted

Today I don’t have to go to work-yay!  Lynn & I get to stay home, working on our writings and lay like broccoli.

 This day is about freedom; and it is a very precious thing-believe me I know.  I bet  you didn’t know that Lynn renamed me Willow  because in the Language of Flowers it means ‘freedom’.  I really had no freedom as a youngster; I like to run now and again but dog racing is not just running-we had no freedoms execpt out to the track for that couple minutes.    When you’re contained all day- that racetrack was our few minutes of freedom so we almost looked forward to it and ran like the wind.  But it is a shortlived high as the track is round and just brings you back to where you started.

We understand what your human Sigmund Frued said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”  Hmmm   We racers kinda understand this quote, but we never gave up on our dreams that some time maybe the racetack would not be round that day.

So today I understand all the fanfare, and I celebrate too because there is nothing more important than being free to choose how you live, and how you play.  I am free to play, explore, sniff,  and lay like broccoli.  Among other things I now  have  5 beds, 3 baskets of stuffies, yummy organic food, salon appointments, couture clothes,  my own blog, an email, and a teddy bear!     Hip Hip Hooray for Independence!!      I love it.

Watch for my Willow Says Facebook Page soon, until then email me  Willow@goodolddaysflorist.com    My own email-so very cool.

  Happy 4th       Always dreaming, Willow

Flowers, Chocolates, and Dogs For A “Greyt” Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the day to recognize all of our loveys with flowers, candy…and bones.  There are many kinds of loveys; young ones, old ones, distant ones, human to butterfly to greyhound.    Each Holiday because we see so many people, we promote awareness to something we think everyone should know.   And this time; it’s my promotion and it’s all about me and my friends!  I just love “all about me”; and I am so excited this Valentine’s Day to be supporting  Grey2K USA ; the nationwide greyhound rescue and advocacy organization.

So, as a really cool idea for Valentine’s Day we have yummy, handmade, vegan too-chocolates in the shape of me.  I am really flying high flattered;   I mean have you ever had a chocolate of you? 

They come all wrapped up with a free Puppy Power button and greyhound card for only $15.00 as a donation to Grey2K.    These are very exclusive with only so many available so please be sure to get yours reserved when you order your bouquets.

As always, we have those beautiful, US  grown , flowers coming in for those “take your breath away” bouquets we make for you.    Add a chocolate dog to our One Rose Says it All”  special, download our free Victorian Valentine;  and you have just the perfect gift!   See  my other  post about the Rose travel & personalities, and Lynn’s Rose meanings .

I will be greeting  everyone at the store with a big red ribbon on my collar, so please stop by and help me make this the best promotion ever for me and my friends who are still waiting for their own lovey.   I actually have a promise from Lynn that if I sell all the chocolates I will get an entire day just her and I to the mountains-and that is the best present because she is my lovey.

Click here to see our Valentine Specials & Favorites or above at Shop The Store

p.s. I have a benefit  arrangement available year round in our Flowers For A Cause shop

Love and Leans to everyone on Valentine’s Day!


Crates for Me and Turkeys

As a professional, racing greyhound (or rather a now happy “reposing” greyhound), I had a different upbringing than most of my friends.  As a puppy I quickly saw that most of my days would be spent in a carrier and a crate.  Kennel to track and back again. I of course wasn’t aware that this was not the normal life of all animals; I thought everyone lived like that!   Who knew?  So when Lynn told me about the animals raised for our food, I immediately identified. Crates,crates, and more crates.   Being the Thanksgiving holiday affair is coming; I started wondering about turkeys…

I went to our “Flowers For A Cause” in the Eco Shop because I knew we had an arrangement benefitting the Farm Sanctuary in upstate NY.  I thought this just was like a retirement home for grandparent cows and chickens that grew too old to graze and peck-kind of like a happy, rest home.   I am really not into farms and farm things being a racer from West Palm Beach;  so Iwondered- where do the farm animals there come from, and why are they being rescued?  And what about these turkeys?

Seems the 46 million turkeys served every November for these Thanksgiving affairs have had a similar life to me- but alot worse.  They live in a warehouse in crates only 3 ft. square their entire life; sort of like I did-but with no racing!  I thought farm animals ran free in fields in the sunshine and fresh air-isn’t that what we all think?  You know; like that happy cow television commercial?  I love that one.  At least I got out to run a few minutes on the track every day-they never do!  And then I read they over feed them so they get really, really fat and then they can’t stand up… and then they go a little crazy. Geez, I would too.

I felt really guilty for thinking of my early life compared to theirs so I decided to try to help.  Well, the Farm Sanctuary is doing something really cool through November 25 by having an “Adopt-A-Turkey Project”  where you can sponsor  a turkey and you will receive a certificate to proudly show your friends.  Since 1986 they’ve rescued and educated on how all farm animals are really raised-and all for us.   After reading about them- I really don’t think I can eat turkey again (or any cow or chicken or pig) unless Lynn assures me they are truly from a free roaming farm (it will say free range on the package) because if I do…hmmm then in my mind it seems to mean I am ok with how they live and are treated.  I may just go vegetarian to a gorilla diet!  So, I am going on board for my first ever Thanksgiving turkey adoption because I know how lucky I was to be rescued and get a family of my own-I’m  going to pay it forward.    I am choosing Daphne-because she reminds me of myself -a little bit thin, and a lotta bit lovable.



 It’s kinda like the dog racing; if people knew how we greys really spent our lives to entertain everyone; I just know humans would speak out for us.

Lynn made a sign that says   “ I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am”

                                                                                                                                                   So visit their site-I know you will speak out too.
*watch for our upcoming greyhound benefit at the store-I will let you know when.    xo Willow

ASPCA Anniversary-Yippee!

           This month is the 140th anniversary of the ASPCA; the first organization for animal welfare.


I am one of the lucky ones, and all because one man 140 years ago had a conscience.  So for me, this month is cause for hoorays and yippees.  Many don’t know or understand how my life was or could have ended up before I was let go from racing.   It was exciting, and I love to run, but read this from the ASPCA to see what I did and how I lived.    The society in West Palm Beach is not all it is cracked up to be; I looove riding in cars so race them not dogs!
History says, in 1866 a cart driver in New York City was whipping his poor, withered horse when an elegant man stepped in and defended the horse.  A Mr. Henry Bergh was this gallant man who then went on to petition NY for a charter to protect all animals in the state naming it the American Society of Prevention and Cruelty to Animals.   And on April 10, 1866 the law passed, along with the right to enforce it.   It was begun for working animals but soon graduated to help us all, in any area where animals live and work.  There are no real federal laws regarding us; I think there should be.Their logo was created about Mr. Bergh’s meddling, showing a guardian angel helping a cart horse.  I think that is the best.   April licensing of pets today even stems from their mantra of responsible pet ownership.
Just so you know….the ASPCA today works to:

– Fight tirelessly on state and national levels to pass laws that protect animals.  Or rather, doggedly!
– Provide the latest medical care at the ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital.
– Offer a 24/7 resource for animal poison-related emergencies through their Animal Poison Control Center.
– Operate an 8,000-square-foot state-of-the-art adoption facility.  Wow-that is big!
– Help at-risk horses with the ASPCA Equine Fund.
– Offer expert advice on common dog, cat and horse behavior issues.  I got over that, but so many of my friends are  confused still.
– Send out the ASPCA Disaster Response Team to help animals in times of emergency.  We get so lost in emergencies-especially when we lose our parents and home.
– Employ a Humane Law Enforcement department to uphold New York City’s animal cruelty laws.  These people rock!
– Provide a fleet of ASPCA mobile spay/neuter clinics to serve low-income communities throughout New York City.  There are sooo many puppies in the streets.
Cruelty is when an animal is intentionally harmed or not given food, water, and medical care.  Unfortunately we speak a different language and can’t really call for help when we need it-but you can.  Always keep an eye out for all animals in the human world-check out my friend’s video below.  I told him the English language was tougher than rawhide!

Be Their Voice

The main headquarters are still in New York City and operate entirely on donations and private funding from people just like my Lynn.    So please, please call your local ASPCA or police department if you ever see anything mean spirited.     For all my friends, xxoo Willow
Visit their website at www.aspca.org