The Humane Society’s Animal Oscars-The Genesis Awards

It’s that time when the Humane Society singles out the years’ articles, undercover videos, movies, and television reporting of animal issues for the Genesis Awards-their own version of the Academy Awards. As much as I enjoy the Academy’s, winning movies & actors; I can’t help the level of admiration (and envy) I have even more so, for those who bring awareness to the multitude of animal welfare issues happening now.  These nominees all chose unpopular genres that rub noses, offend sensibilities, buck society, and expose that which needs to be heard, seen, and written about.

Every week someone will say to me “Oh I don’t want to see that” or worse,      “I don’t want to know about these things I will never eat ____ or wear a ____again”.   I say, “Maybe you ought to”.  Ignorance is said to be bliss-but in my mind only.. to the self centered.  What one does not know, does not effect them or their comfortable life routine.

Friends of Elephants

Live An Animals Life

  Maybe if someone read the article on how their eggs in ShopRite came from tortured and lame hens, they would think twice and buy eggs from free range farms…if they care about the pain of a fellow creature.

 Maybe if they saw the documentary of 11,000 elephants a year (30 a day) just in Tanzania alone, that are poached for the Chinese ivory, demand they would think twice before buying anything Chinese…if they mourn for years at losing a family member like the elephants do.

Maybe if they watched the expose video of trusting, docile cows huddling in fear while being shackled, and shocked they would think twice about the road they drive in their leather seats to get a burger. …if they have ever feared being tricked to complacency and then mugged and worse.

The Animal Lovers

The Genesis Awards spotlight an array of animal issues, awarding them with grateful applause and well deserved awards in the humane world.  Some are celebrities that risk their image to bring up any issue they feel must be, while others are everyday people who take their lives in hand going undercover inside mega corporate operations and hostile countries.   Whatever caliber or walk of life-they are all heroes and deserve our admiration and thanks.  Without these inquisitive,  brave, and/or outspoken people; animal atrocities  would continue to be hidden and we would never know the extreme cost paid by, nor the sacrifice these animals have gone through-for our benefit, comfort, and entertainment.

What You Can Do Right Now

I urge you to please, please visit even one link above and learn what is happening to our fellow creatures every minute of every day in every corner of the world.  You don’t need to donate money, pick up a sign, or put your life on the line because as a real human being you will be enlightened, shocked, and feel their pain; and you will change your ways all by yourself and that is the key to helping them-our habits.  If…you know you are not the only one in the world.

 What We Do For You-For The Animals

Shop for the animals in our Flowers For A Cause in store and here online.  Every time you order any of these flower arrangements I donate the 25% profit to the designated cause to help the animals. If you don’t see the animal of your heart-just tell or email me and I will make any arrangement you like for any animal benefit you like.  Because… when there is something wrong, those who have the ability to take action… have the responsibility to take action-and I do.

farm animal rescue

One of our benefits for the Farm Animal Sanctuary.

With a thank you out to my Mother who taught me to remember the animals always-first,


Crates for Me and Turkeys

As a professional, racing greyhound (or rather a now happy “reposing” greyhound), I had a different upbringing than most of my friends.  As a puppy I quickly saw that most of my days would be spent in a carrier and a crate.  Kennel to track and back again. I of course wasn’t aware that this was not the normal life of all animals; I thought everyone lived like that!   Who knew?  So when Lynn told me about the animals raised for our food, I immediately identified. Crates,crates, and more crates.   Being the Thanksgiving holiday affair is coming; I started wondering about turkeys…

I went to our “Flowers For A Cause” in the Eco Shop because I knew we had an arrangement benefitting the Farm Sanctuary in upstate NY.  I thought this just was like a retirement home for grandparent cows and chickens that grew too old to graze and peck-kind of like a happy, rest home.   I am really not into farms and farm things being a racer from West Palm Beach;  so Iwondered- where do the farm animals there come from, and why are they being rescued?  And what about these turkeys?

Seems the 46 million turkeys served every November for these Thanksgiving affairs have had a similar life to me- but alot worse.  They live in a warehouse in crates only 3 ft. square their entire life; sort of like I did-but with no racing!  I thought farm animals ran free in fields in the sunshine and fresh air-isn’t that what we all think?  You know; like that happy cow television commercial?  I love that one.  At least I got out to run a few minutes on the track every day-they never do!  And then I read they over feed them so they get really, really fat and then they can’t stand up… and then they go a little crazy. Geez, I would too.

I felt really guilty for thinking of my early life compared to theirs so I decided to try to help.  Well, the Farm Sanctuary is doing something really cool through November 25 by having an “Adopt-A-Turkey Project”  where you can sponsor  a turkey and you will receive a certificate to proudly show your friends.  Since 1986 they’ve rescued and educated on how all farm animals are really raised-and all for us.   After reading about them- I really don’t think I can eat turkey again (or any cow or chicken or pig) unless Lynn assures me they are truly from a free roaming farm (it will say free range on the package) because if I do…hmmm then in my mind it seems to mean I am ok with how they live and are treated.  I may just go vegetarian to a gorilla diet!  So, I am going on board for my first ever Thanksgiving turkey adoption because I know how lucky I was to be rescued and get a family of my own-I’m  going to pay it forward.    I am choosing Daphne-because she reminds me of myself -a little bit thin, and a lotta bit lovable.



 It’s kinda like the dog racing; if people knew how we greys really spent our lives to entertain everyone; I just know humans would speak out for us.

Lynn made a sign that says   “ I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am”

                                                                                                                                                   So visit their site-I know you will speak out too.
*watch for our upcoming greyhound benefit at the store-I will let you know when.    xo Willow