Sea Shepherd Society & The Seed: A Vegan Experience

While keeping up with two of our favorite benefits-Sea Shepherd of Whale Wars fame and our local Catskill Farm Sanctuary, I came across an event they will be set up (and speaking)  at in New York City on Fathers Day weekend.

 The Seed: A Vegan Experience   says it is “two days of vegan exploration await you. Nourish your taste buds on scrumptious plant-based food from New York’s famed vegan restaurants – the best in the world! Get inspired by world-renowned speakers, champion athletes, and top chefs. Provoke new thoughts withaward-winning films and their directors. Discover the vast market of cruelty-free products and services. And much more. The Seed invites the vegan-curious, vegan-skeptical, and vegan choir to explore what veganism has to offer today. You’ll gain understanding of the endless benefits of a compassionate, healthful, and earth-conscious existence of the vegan lifestyle.”

 How cool does this look!  We will be going of course and will bring back all sort of new ideas for you I am sure.

Now…regarding the Sea Shepherd Society

I am not happy.  Captain Paul Watson of  the Sea Shepherd Society is being held under house arrest in Germany for possible extradition to Costa Rica for his campaign against shark finning.  Another atrocity of the sea world that he bravely and tirelessly fought a decade ago.  Until his release we will be upping the donation of our Sea Shepherd arrangements to 50%.  Please consider this design in our Flowers For A Cause when shopping on our site to send flowers.

Benefit bouquet with bits of the ocean

   A caption of the plea from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society site.  Visit them and read about this absurdity.  Please add your he does!


It’s Sundance Film Festival Time

As many of you know I am a Sundance Festival fan-I love indie films, the Sundance Institute, and Utah.  This year it runs Jan. 20- 30th with again a roster of the newest and brightest films and documentaries.   I always look forward to the new environmental movies, and this year there are again two big hits of major controversy.

In the past we saw “The Cove”, the daring expose on the yearly, mass, dolphin killing in Japan which has stopped since the film came out-yay!   “Gasland“, the thought provoking inside look at the fracking issue which is debating as we speak right in our own backyard.  And of course “FUEL”-the eye opening saga of our oil addiction and all that is behind it.

Watch the trailers for two new eco films this year:

Lost Mountain: A Year in the Vanishing Wilderness”  A docu-drama about the massive devastation of thestrip mining of  Lost Mtn. in Kentucky.  So far 500 Appalachian mountains, 1 million acres of forest, and 200 miles of streams have been ruined and destroyed.   Every night we here in NY turn on our lights-it began in Kentucky-something to think about.

The second;  “If A Tree Falls”.   A film focusing on the Earth Liberation Front-known as ELF; and one activist charged with eco-terrorism.   A thought provoking and debatable film, but a film of great heart providing a different look at the lengths a true environmentalist will go to save the planet.
Go to the Sundance Festival site to see the entire line-up of films in all categories.

Enjoy,  Lynn