Make Mothers Heart Sing-Help An Animal With Flowers For A Cause

sea shepherd flowers

Help Sea Shepherd save a whale

For Mothers Day Or Any Day-Flowers For A Cause

So, here we go again into one of the busiest flower buying times of the year, and with it comes the pocket lining of billions for the big, foreign, conglomerates who supply the flower buying outlets online and off, chain & grocery stores and every gas station and street corner you see.  These same conglomerates who continue to force our American farms out of business, fund foreign countries,  and ruin the environments around the globe with their practices. And the human side?  Sweat shop labor is not only in the clothing industry and not only in China.

 How about something better; why not do some good for something good instead.   If you have an animal adoring or tree hugging Mother or you…adore animals & trees;  I invite you to visit my Flowers For A Cause online section for some very unique flower arrangements I have created in honor of animals.   I donate all the profits (yes, I really do) back to the various organizations that help them. What better way to honor your Mother than with a one-of-a-kind flower creation of only American grown flowers that both makes a stand, keeps the $$ in America,  and benefits our animal kingdom?


A photo I took of an Eastern Wild Horse-Assateague Nat’l               Seashore Maryland


To benefit the American Wild                  Horse Preservation


As an artist and naturalist, I love what I do; but the reason I have done what I have with my business is a mission.  A mission of awareness to what is really happening in my industry, support our own country, and to give a voice to those living things that have none; with the hope some will heed it.  In today’s world I know it is really hard to think beyond your own issues, and I know there are many human tragedies and I know we all have a plate full-but there are some creatures out there that need our attention more than our own-immediately; because they are getting pushed under the rug all for profit.

As I have said many times…IF we are to consider humans the supreme beings on this planet then with that also comes the responsibility to take care of all those beings sharing this planet around us-from the trees to the elephants to the bees.  If we all were to do whatever we can no matter how small; collectively a difference could be made in the world with those voices heard; we would have a movement and maybe things just might be on the path to be righted.


Here I am visiting the Catskill Sanctuary                           and loving it.


To benefit the Catskill Farm                              Sanctuary


So please, if you are wanting to give Mother flowers next week, please check out my Flowers For A Cause first and see the designs I have created for any occasion and perfect for Mothers; from a charming Nantucket basket to save the whales for Sea Shepherd to a sunflower topiary to save our wild horses for the American Wild Horse Preservation.

And while you are at it, add a bar or 2 of the NY made, organic, Rescue Chocolates-where here too-every dime of profit goes to help dogs & cats in shelters, their advocacy, and foster programs.  Make your heart sing as these options don’t cost you an extra cent-I give up my profits for you which…. is my heartsong.   Make your Mom proud-there’s no better gift than that.

And please…if you are reading this and not inclined to or cannot give flowers; it’s ok you can visit the websites I benefit and just add your name on a petition and then do your Mother a good deed-my Mother always says ‘deeds are the best’!  🙂  Then  share this to everyone you know anyway-lets get some eyes open and help a movement!

rescue greyhounds

2 lucky rescued greyhounds-the                                sweetest dogs alive 🙂


Our basket to benefit greyhound                       rescue…of course


And those luscious chocolates………..

chocolates to help dog shelter

The raspberry hearts….



Winning Flower Displays

This years theme  was “Seasons Of The Hudson Valley” for the displays in the Horticulture building at the Duchess Fair.  After much deliberation and thought I came up with a life size Mother Nature dressed in the 4 seasons and with the added feature of wings. The second display was a twist on the 150th anniversary of Saratoga Race Track. As everyone knows, all my displays must come with a subtle message involving the environment or its creatures.

 Mother Nature was made of all local grown botanicals with a sign promoting them along with the plight of our US flower farms, chemical use on the imports, and a plea to buy local.

The top half of her

The top half of her

Izzy tagged

And, what a job she was…tedious and detailed. Her Head was spring, her chest was summer, her hip area was autumn with corn, squirrels, and acorns.  While her long skirt was winter cedar, cones, and fat blue jays!


Making the wings seemed a wonderful idea but as all my ideas seem great at the time-making it is always a different song!  I thank my best helper ever, Isaiah-Izzy to me-for being so patient in wrapping and wiring.  🙂

The second display was a tribute to the 150th anniversary of the Saratoga Race Track.  As you all know, I am not a proponent of any animal racing even though they love to run and I love seeing them run; but the state of the animal racing industry is horrific.  The other side we do not see is dark, dangerous, cruel, and not at all a happy picture.  With that, I thought about what if things were reversed and it were the horses going to see humans racing!  So I decked  them out in their fine Saratoga hats decorated with their favorite things for a day at the races.  I posted information on the plight of our native, wild horses… of course.  And thanks again to Izzy-as he recreated the famous white fountain surrounded by red flowers.

fair horses

Fair races sign

All of the displays were beautiful, and all the florists & landscapers who participated should be thanked as we all do it labor free to make the Horticulture building a beauty of Nature.  It is a load of work but we love it.




Until next year…



Sea Shepherd Society & The Seed: A Vegan Experience

While keeping up with two of our favorite benefits-Sea Shepherd of Whale Wars fame and our local Catskill Farm Sanctuary, I came across an event they will be set up (and speaking)  at in New York City on Fathers Day weekend.

 The Seed: A Vegan Experience   says it is “two days of vegan exploration await you. Nourish your taste buds on scrumptious plant-based food from New York’s famed vegan restaurants – the best in the world! Get inspired by world-renowned speakers, champion athletes, and top chefs. Provoke new thoughts withaward-winning films and their directors. Discover the vast market of cruelty-free products and services. And much more. The Seed invites the vegan-curious, vegan-skeptical, and vegan choir to explore what veganism has to offer today. You’ll gain understanding of the endless benefits of a compassionate, healthful, and earth-conscious existence of the vegan lifestyle.”

 How cool does this look!  We will be going of course and will bring back all sort of new ideas for you I am sure.

Now…regarding the Sea Shepherd Society

I am not happy.  Captain Paul Watson of  the Sea Shepherd Society is being held under house arrest in Germany for possible extradition to Costa Rica for his campaign against shark finning.  Another atrocity of the sea world that he bravely and tirelessly fought a decade ago.  Until his release we will be upping the donation of our Sea Shepherd arrangements to 50%.  Please consider this design in our Flowers For A Cause when shopping on our site to send flowers.

Benefit bouquet with bits of the ocean

   A caption of the plea from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society site.  Visit them and read about this absurdity.  Please add your he does!


Treasures And Flowers

As an artist and naturalist, I love what I do; but the reason I have done what I have with my business is a mission.  A mission of awareness to give a voice to those living things that have none; and the hope some will hear it.  In today’s world I know it is really hard to think beyond your own issues, and we all have a plate full- but there are some out there that need our attention more than our own.    Our wild horses are one of those issues.

Eastern Wild Horse- Assateague Nat'l Seashore Maryland

In 1971, Congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, granting federal protection to America’s wild horses and burros as “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West”.  America’s wild horse population has dwindled to fewer than 33,000 when in the 1800’s it was over 2 million. There are now more wild horses in government holding pens than remain in the wild, with many of the remaining herds managed at population levels that do not guarantee their long-term survival. And still, the round-ups continue. *    They are penned under the control of the Bureau of Land Management until sold and sent to slaughter.

We are taking one of our last, few, national treasures to sell the meat to foreign countries, and all for money.  I fear history repeating what happened to our magnificent buffalo.  I don’t understand this obsession to control Nature.  To me, capitalism is at its worse when it involves unsuspecting animals as they cannot speak up and have a say for themselves.   What are they thinking?  What would they say to us?

On  May 30 the House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment that prevents horse slaughter in the U.S.  It prohibits funding inspections for horse slaughter plants in the U.S.; and without them the meat cannot be sold.  However, the bill comes to the full House for vote this week-most likely this Wednesday June 15; and there are many in and out of government trying to repeal this; those who see only money.

I do what I can, and so can you.  It doesn’t have to be about money unless you want it to be.  The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign has a quick and easy, composed, letter that you can add your name to.  They will also give you the name of your local representative and telephone number with a quick script to call in.  Donations are of course always welcome but it is your voice that is really needed.

If  you have a horse lover graduating or with a birthday or for no reason at all; I have also put up a flower arrangement in my Flowers For A Cause to benefit the AWHPC.  If we all were to do whatever we can no matter how small; collectively a difference can be made in the world with those voices heard; and maybe things just might be righted.

Your thoughts? I welcome your comments and ideas and will forward them to the proper ears.

Click here to visit AWHPC  

Click here to our benefit arrangement

*courtesy of the The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign –AWHPC.  Dedicated to preserving the American wild horse in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage. Its grassroots efforts are supported by a coalition of over forty organizations.

Flowers, Chocolates, and Dogs For A “Greyt” Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the day to recognize all of our loveys with flowers, candy…and bones.  There are many kinds of loveys; young ones, old ones, distant ones, human to butterfly to greyhound.    Each Holiday because we see so many people, we promote awareness to something we think everyone should know.   And this time; it’s my promotion and it’s all about me and my friends!  I just love “all about me”; and I am so excited this Valentine’s Day to be supporting  Grey2K USA ; the nationwide greyhound rescue and advocacy organization.

So, as a really cool idea for Valentine’s Day we have yummy, handmade, vegan too-chocolates in the shape of me.  I am really flying high flattered;   I mean have you ever had a chocolate of you? 

They come all wrapped up with a free Puppy Power button and greyhound card for only $15.00 as a donation to Grey2K.    These are very exclusive with only so many available so please be sure to get yours reserved when you order your bouquets.

As always, we have those beautiful, US  grown , flowers coming in for those “take your breath away” bouquets we make for you.    Add a chocolate dog to our One Rose Says it All”  special, download our free Victorian Valentine;  and you have just the perfect gift!   See  my other  post about the Rose travel & personalities, and Lynn’s Rose meanings .

I will be greeting  everyone at the store with a big red ribbon on my collar, so please stop by and help me make this the best promotion ever for me and my friends who are still waiting for their own lovey.   I actually have a promise from Lynn that if I sell all the chocolates I will get an entire day just her and I to the mountains-and that is the best present because she is my lovey.

Click here to see our Valentine Specials & Favorites or above at Shop The Store

p.s. I have a benefit  arrangement available year round in our Flowers For A Cause shop

Love and Leans to everyone on Valentine’s Day!


Crates for Me and Turkeys

As a professional, racing greyhound (or rather a now happy “reposing” greyhound), I had a different upbringing than most of my friends.  As a puppy I quickly saw that most of my days would be spent in a carrier and a crate.  Kennel to track and back again. I of course wasn’t aware that this was not the normal life of all animals; I thought everyone lived like that!   Who knew?  So when Lynn told me about the animals raised for our food, I immediately identified. Crates,crates, and more crates.   Being the Thanksgiving holiday affair is coming; I started wondering about turkeys…

I went to our “Flowers For A Cause” in the Eco Shop because I knew we had an arrangement benefitting the Farm Sanctuary in upstate NY.  I thought this just was like a retirement home for grandparent cows and chickens that grew too old to graze and peck-kind of like a happy, rest home.   I am really not into farms and farm things being a racer from West Palm Beach;  so Iwondered- where do the farm animals there come from, and why are they being rescued?  And what about these turkeys?

Seems the 46 million turkeys served every November for these Thanksgiving affairs have had a similar life to me- but alot worse.  They live in a warehouse in crates only 3 ft. square their entire life; sort of like I did-but with no racing!  I thought farm animals ran free in fields in the sunshine and fresh air-isn’t that what we all think?  You know; like that happy cow television commercial?  I love that one.  At least I got out to run a few minutes on the track every day-they never do!  And then I read they over feed them so they get really, really fat and then they can’t stand up… and then they go a little crazy. Geez, I would too.

I felt really guilty for thinking of my early life compared to theirs so I decided to try to help.  Well, the Farm Sanctuary is doing something really cool through November 25 by having an “Adopt-A-Turkey Project”  where you can sponsor  a turkey and you will receive a certificate to proudly show your friends.  Since 1986 they’ve rescued and educated on how all farm animals are really raised-and all for us.   After reading about them- I really don’t think I can eat turkey again (or any cow or chicken or pig) unless Lynn assures me they are truly from a free roaming farm (it will say free range on the package) because if I do…hmmm then in my mind it seems to mean I am ok with how they live and are treated.  I may just go vegetarian to a gorilla diet!  So, I am going on board for my first ever Thanksgiving turkey adoption because I know how lucky I was to be rescued and get a family of my own-I’m  going to pay it forward.    I am choosing Daphne-because she reminds me of myself -a little bit thin, and a lotta bit lovable.



 It’s kinda like the dog racing; if people knew how we greys really spent our lives to entertain everyone; I just know humans would speak out for us.

Lynn made a sign that says   “ I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am”

                                                                                                                                                   So visit their site-I know you will speak out too.
*watch for our upcoming greyhound benefit at the store-I will let you know when.    xo Willow

Saving Wolves on Valentine’s Day-My White Knight

As I helped Lynn create our Valentine window promotion I began to wonder …because I know we always have a meaning to every display on Holidays.  I suspected what was coming because we recently went to see a rescued, white wolf; and was he ever handsome-and was I ever smitten, to say the least.

The display was a life size wolf and pups that just seemed to be looking calmly-out at the passersby.  I wondered about my wild relatives-were they all handsome?  I wondered if they are happy, I wondered if they are safe like me, and I wondered if I would ever see my white knight again or, any others.
I tipped my head and Lynn explained that my white knight was indeed handsome and…her inspiration.  I learned they are very happy in the wild, but not very safe-and soon…..may not always be there.   I was shocked; why would they be leaving and where would they go?  Was there something I needed to learn? I kept thinking about education being freedom-like my racing industry.
Many humans don’t really understand the wolf families or how important they are to the balance of Nature; but yet instead fear they will attack people and farm animals.  Sadly; the western states and Alaska are shooting them from helicopters.  I thought to myself; “Oh if only they had some racing lessons from me, I could help.”  And worse; even the special pack in Yellowstone Park is being watched and possibly ground hunted too.  It took animal people a very long time to bring them back to the park and now they are in danger all over again too.    I get very distressed with humans at times.  In my world, we all know and respect each other.  We know the planet is just not for us canines-but for all of us to share.   I now understood the display, but what could Lynn & I, or anyone do?
So much to my delight, we came up with a ‘howling’ wolf benefit for Valentine’s Day-in honor of my white knight.     On February 12-14 we asked our Valentine shoppers to help towards the campaign to save the wolves.   And they did!  We had a basket full of donations to send off to the campaign.  I send all who helped a paws up and a warm lean!  (we greys lean on those they like)  Please sign the petition and send a message that we want the wolves to stay.  It only takes a minute-no strings.   I think it was just the perfect day to have a heart for my relatives, I would not want someones sweetheart hunted; and…my white knight…sigh…I loved his eyes……  xxoo  Willow

Sundance Film Festival & Flowers


Every January the Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City, Utah.  In fact, the photo of myself and ‘Hoot’ the owl on the About Us  page was taken there.  It is a melting pot of the newest and brightest short films, documentaries, and motion pictures.  A perfect setting for freethinking, nature,  and the arts.  Utah itself is awe inspiring; a treasure of national parks and wildlands.  Three environmental films up for competition this year to watch for:

Wasteland-a documentary that chronicles a photographer to the world’s largest landfill and the pickers who sift through it; recycling their lives from society’s garbage.   Sounds like a world away from our own kitchen trash bin-lest not we forget that away is somewhere.

Tungijug-a though provoking story on the annual seal hunt .  The Inuit depend on them for food and the rest of the world for cheap fur coats.

Gasland-A relevant film to our local area regarding the push for the natural gas drilling process of ‘fracking’.  A powerful look into the environmental issues involved here in our own Sullivan County, and across the nation.   A lucrative offer to many rural landowners, seems a death sentence to the environment.

This is a fitting month to highlight one of the benefit arrangements in our online shopping section-the EcoShop; under Flowers For A Cause.   These arrangements are specifically designed to reflect the charity foundation they represent, with 20% donated.  Sundance is many things beside the festival; one being the Sundance Preserve.  An environmental foundation promoting preservation of our wildlands.  I have a design which I named the

“River Runs Bowl.”  A rustic beauty I felt depicted its namesake movie, director, and Sundance founder.

River Runs Bowl

Follow the festival and watch some clips of all the films at Sundance Festival