Green America is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to harnessing the economic power of consumers, investors, and businesses to promote social justice and environmnetal sustainability.   A business displaying this Seal of Approval have been thoroughly screened and approved to be listed in the National Green Pages directory.  Consumers can feel confident that a business bearing this seal operates in ways that protect the environment, support workers and communties

Native Energy offers carbon offsets and renewable energy credits for the daily energy used in homes & businesses.  They help finance construction of Native American, family farm, and communty based renewable energy & carbon reduction projects, thus helping these communties in need build sustainable economies, and  provide Native American tribes the ability to share in the business value they create.  Through Native Energy’s business partnerships, they build public awareness and promote action in fighting global qarming pollution. 

The Society of American Florists  is the only national, trade organization representing all segments of  the US florist industry with the nations top retailers, growers, suppliers, educators, and students. 

Sundance Channel

The Green on the Sundance Network Channel  founded by Robert Redford is  the entertaining and most informative source of  inspirational programs about our planet.

 Founded by Congresss in 1991, the non-profit National Forest Foundation works with the U.S Forest Service to preserve our national treasures.  They bring people and communities together to help promote the health and public enjoyment of our National forests and grasslands.


The Green Merchant Alliance is a green payment solution  that  recognizes each credit card sale with a percentage purchasing renewable energy credits thus reducing the carbon footprint of each sale.

the 3/50 project

The  3/50 project  promotes supporting the movement to strenghten independently owned businesses by choosing three local businesses and spending $50.00 in each.




Credo Telephone, The Sustainable Business Network, The Green Bride, Green People, GenLife Green….and so on and so on along with over 30 pro environment and animal advocate foundations



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