The Eco Florist

We offer eco/organic/sustainble, North American, grown flowers.  These flowers far surpass with quality, fragrance, and longevity;  costing no more than any fine grade flower.

 Fortunately, we have a few other, eco minded pioneers who have, and continue to push many of the largest foreign growers to allot farms and areas for green and organic growing.  However, there is still the energy and fuel to ship them here and… the side stepping of our American farms.   Environmentally minded farms in the US offer a safer product and work setting, while giving a fair wage & benefits to its workers.  It is a win-win situation for us all to patronize them.

As an eco florist, we also do not use the various preservatives and enhancement chemicals prescribed to florists by our industry.  These preservatives in their plastic packages, were originally created to prolong  the flowers arranged in soaked foam for the new, busy, lifestyle of 1950’s consumers.   Meaning-the lack of just changing the water.

Flowers grown  in North America & Holland unfortunately are at times, still grown with the support of some chemicals.  Not so much to the extent of the imports due to unionization in Holland and stricter safety regulations in North America, but many are changing over to eco growing practices such as natural pest management.     Even so, they are a 2nd, preferable choice when eco-organics and local US grown are not.

We love the exotic varieities grown in faraway places as much as you do, but feel that is where they should stay until  their growing and humanitarian practices improve.   Many exotics are now being grown in CA and available most of the year.   During the various growing Seasons; as an eco florist, we patronize the many local farms and green marketsin our own state, which are a wonderful source of native species plants & flowers. They are forever grateful.

Beside the various plastics & foams, we are also engulfed in Third World and Asian imports.  They not only dominate our industry, but also have completely taken over from North American manufacturing companies.  Nearly every product in any type of store today is imported, and ours is no exception.    All of the baskets, ceramic dishes-bowls-pottery, poly ribbons, candles, novelty & keepsake containers, and so much more-are imported.

One-of-a-kind found in thrift stores, charitable organizations, or auctions.  They are either US made, recycled through our Recycle Rewards Program, new/old purchased from outgoing businesses, or vintage. In addition, we offer biodegradable containers made of rice & cornhusks-with the look of quality resin/plastic. We use minimal plastic anything, unless it is recycled or reused through one of our programs.  Even the smallest of changes can be huge; like our simple ban on the plastic cardholders florists have used for years-we instead love attaching them to a branch or flower stem. See also about  Balloons below and  Nationally Promoted Containers

Packaging can incur a waste second only to  junk mail.  Every single shipping box, paper, peanut is reused for our own shipping and floral packaging.  We replaced the much-used cellophane with a compostable, cello look-alike, and our tissue & bags are made with recycled content.   We also encourage return of our gift/rose/corsage boxes in our Recycle Rewards

As an eco florist, we use many sustainable business practices including: using recycled content papers for our stationary, business forms, and eco friendly cleaning & janitorial supplies.  Something as simple as double sided fax-printing can save a multitude of trees, while saving rubber bands and reusing them, can stop tons from the landfill.  We patronize as many green-minded companies as available for our telephone, banking, and other services to further the chain.

The energy used for our heat, electricity, cooler, and deliveries, is compensated with our partnership to various organizations such as;   purchasing carbon offsets for our usage, and funding wind turbines on Native American Reservations.
The water usage in a florist is similar to a family of four; just by reusing our flower bucket water for garden/plants, we are saving 100’s of gallons a year.  All of these practices definitely take an extra effort-but in our mind, we cannot consciously conduct business any other way.
….giving back

A very, very, important aspic of any business is its community activism and charitable contributions.  We give away 100’s of eco roses to promote the awareness of ecology and chemical free living.   We also return a percentage of our sales back to over 30 environmental & wildlife organizations, promote our Flowers For A Cause for a multitude of charities, showcase Really Cool local and Native Made items, and have a Fundraising Partnership Program, which allows us no refusals for any donation.

Flowers-by-wire…..a green side?
We have had to weigh in on certain practices, the pros & cons to our philosophies. We are one of the only industries with the ability to send a same day gift within hours.
Contractual obligations with the major flower-by-wire services are a necessary aspect of our business because consumers make it so by ordering from them online, which in turn forces us to participate and carry a certain amount of their promoted containers.
To take away a major service that is utilized by so many along with the opportunity to generate more revenue for our charities; would have been detrimental as this point.   This is both a business and ecological decision we have made in just one of the complicated aspects of our industry, and I am working on alternatives.  However, you the consumer is what keeps them in business.  We recommend a return to the old fashioned order method of the telephone.

We deemed it worth the small, occasional of their ‘prescribed’, imported containers.  Most of these containers are nice enough (even though all are made and shipped from Asia)  to be kept or regifted, and normally not something, that would be a single use item.   With our recycle program, many are returned to us for reuse, and therefore continue their life. We hope in the future these organizations will alter their products & practices to a greener end, and start at the very least, to offer American made containers.

Part….of a green world?
There a few customary product offerings in our industry that is debatable if of an eco mind-balloons are one of them.  We continue to only stock them for special requests, such as the birthday occasion; where they are a time honored and festive tradition.  However, we downplay their importance and viability in our business until the verdict is in.  We welcome the contribution of any pertinent information.