Recycle Rewards

The benefits of recycling are monumental and one of the simplest actions to being earth friendly. Not only does it reduce pollution, but also the use of virgin resources, wildlife habitat, and fuel-while decreasing the sheer amount of garbage and the need for landfill space.


Every vase or basket arrangement we make has the potential for reuse.   A simple washing is all it takes to bring them back to ‘new’.
So many people have accumulated a modest collection of florist containers & accessories, and do not want them, but yet ….feel badly tossing them.  Our Recycle Rewards program will afford you the opportunity to support the environment in a simple and money saving way; while earning a free gift and a big thank you for your efforts on behalf of the planet.


Just ask!  Sign up either in person or via telephone for your personal card.  Then start bringing us a single or collection of clean, usable goods <see list below> and your card will be punched-once the card is filled, you are rewarded with a beautiful Eco-Bouquet.  The more recycling you do, the more you earn for your efforts.

WE ONLY ASK *items and containers must be new, used, or vintage in good, clean, reusable condition with no breaks, cracks or tears.  Please do not being us something you yourself would not regift with minimal cleaning.

Dust o.k. but floral oasis foam isn‘t-it does not resoak!


  • Vases
  • Containers
  • Pots
  • Pottery
  • Baskets
  • Mylar Foil Balloons
  • Care Tags
  • Water Tubes
  • Rose/Corsage Boxes
  • Hard Floral Styrofoam
  • Floral Clay
  • Basket shred/grass
  • Artificial Plants/Flowers/ Items
  • Vine/twig wreaths
  • Wristlet backings/pins

The next time- bring one of your containers, a ribbon, or what-have-you and it can be reused for your order; resulting in money saved and a happy pride that you recycled.

Happy humans with freed up extra dollars are of the perfect mind to succumb to requests for  a new stuffie or chew bone-just a thought….

Bring us your wine bottle, and for a minimal charge, we can cut it to a vase for your order too.    Call for the details

And…always call us if you no longer love your houseplants-we cannot bear to think of them trashed; we will find them a new home!    *insect free only please