Green and Good Wedding Ideas

My Thoughts for a Green and Good Event

Green and good wedding ideas are hard for some humans but not for me! I suggest for everyone to always say “what if” and  (not to be confused with what sniff) always think outside the box-no matter what.  Think nothing is impossible, leashes and rules limit your creativity and…your dreams.  As a green greyhound I have yet another way of thinking, and of course take it one step farther with another view from my world.  Every day is an experience for me so I always have the what if-why not-I wonder.   Great ideas & experiences come along that way.

During our event or wedding consultations I listen intently at the many details so to add my input, and pay close intent to anything that can be greener and always the menu!

Greyhound florist


My Latest Green and Good Wedding Event Idea

So my latest idea, and it is just a perfect one for all worlds concerned;  I began to wonder what happens to all these luscious leftovers, as unlike canine menus where nothing is left (we graciously even clean our own plates!)  But humans always leave so much untouched; is it just left and tossed?  It can’t be just forgotten?  Who would forget yummy food?

So…. how creative would it be to have small boxes given out for the guests to each take home the wedding tidbits?  Whether their own plate, the unserved bites from the kitchen, or the cake.  This could be the best reminder of the wedding; favors are cool but to me leftovers rock to any specie.

I searched my idea and guess what-I found decorative, earth friendly, boxes that easily could even be labeled with a note to “bring the celebration home “ (and to maybe share with the ‘entire’ family-smile) Or how about this-another thoughtful, option could be to use the same little boxes for the unserved food & cake; sending it to a human, homeless shelter.  Even if there was a little extra serving charge; how really cool would that be!    How good would you feel to know you gave to those who had less, and there was nothing wasted to the landfill; I mean you paid for it anyway…..                                     

Of course, I am working out the details of the absolute bestest idea-the meat bones from all the steak dinners.  If you could figure a plan to gather all those afterward for the canine shelters, wouldn’t that be grand!    All my poor shelter friends would be so appreciative and think it was their birthday; they’d just love you for it!  Think about it because green is good and good is green-for everyone-even dogs.

Always dreaming, Willow

Flower Preservation-Save Your Valentine’s Day Flowers & Bones Forever

Don’t you just love getting fresh flowers or a new bone, but hate to see them dry up and die?  Me too.   Did you know we have a way to preserve your pretty flowers?  We do.

preserve your flowers don't dry them

Tap the picture for info 🙂


Flower preservation is something I kind of understand.  I bet you have brown & crispy flowers in a box somewhere from a prom or an “old friend”.  I have bones that I loved too and haven’t looked at in quite some time, however I keep them too and I never forget any of them.  When I am sniffing around my preserved stash of bones I am instantly transformed back to its first day of gnawing.  Love it.  Each one is different and brings back a happy thought.



So, if you were given a special bouquet of flowers at a special time or…from a special person, then don’t just put them in a box or pack them in a closet.  Bring your flowers in let us save them for you.  We have a big machine called a freeze dryer that will like magic, dry and preserve your flowers.  I know how it is to being sentimental  for my bones and you will love this for any your flowers for Valentine’s Day!

rescued greyhound having a bone

Me with one of my many bones



Willow 🙂 ♥♥



Buy From Local Pet Friendly Stores

With our honor a few years ago, as chosen one of the Merchant Success Story’s on ;  I thought I would  again pass on just a few of my  itty bitty thoughts about buying local that are easy to do.  Sometimes we get caught up hurrying and forget.   Actually they are simple and itty bitty, but really huge in impact.  It may seem a little more effort and a few more dollars, but in the end it is a super good thing for us all, human and hound alike.  Please let me know where you go locally, or if you found a really neat local business that I should know about-especially if it is pet friendly…like ours!

Me shopping local!

Here are my tips to buy local

*  Visit a locally owned and operated business just once  per week-support your own town and shelter.

*  Look for the Dog Whisperer’s book at a corner book store first  not online

*  Eat lunch (that gives leftover bags!)  at the local sandwich shop down the street not  the franchise-visit with your neighbors

*  Buy your next gift at a local store-not  at the mall or chain store.  No long wait and we get home sooner for the walk.

*  Buy a toy at that cool local toy store-they have mindful not  mindless toys.

*  Get your medicine at a local pharmacy-they know  your name…and mine!.

*  Visit a local nursery for your lawn & garden needs-buy quality not quantity that’s safe  for me,  the bees, and the butterflies too.

*  Supplement your groceries at the local Farmers Market- taste  the difference-yum I do.

And from my world….try to visit our local pet stores, businesses, and groomers.  I know it is easy to go for a “one stop” of food, treats, and grooming too; but they are big, big, chain stores and that money does not stay in our town much less our animal shelters.  If everyone went local then maybe these businesses would be able to contribute for a dog park!

P.S.   FYI….My greyhound rescue group used to have Meet & Greets for ex racers needing homes; but now the big box pet chain won’t let us unless we give them your names for marketing purposes.   I guess they are not really walking the talk of thinking about rescues-it’s just about the sales, so… sorry Mr. Dog Whisperer Cesar, we adore you but………..                                                      we are not obeying that command!


Willow  xxoo  

China, shopping our store. My fav pet store besides ours of course….. is Positively Pets right here in New Windsor-pet friendly too!

Love A Tree Day-The Decorah Bald Eagles-Gazillion Reason 10 Of Why To Love Trees

For the past 2 spring times I wake up to birds chirping and twigs rustling.  At first I thought I was dreaming but I soon realized it was coming from as usual…Lynn’s lightbox*.  I found out I was listening to the Decorah Eagle Project  in Iowa, the  idea of the Raptor Resource Project.  In 2007, they climbed 80 ft up a cottonwood tree near the Decorah Fish Hatchery to a bald eagle nest installing webcams to document the lives of Mom & Dad eagle and their family.

decorah eagles

In my thinking it is a no brainer why the smart eagles are there-the aroma must be yum to them.  You should hear how loud the chirping gets when M & D fly in with breakfast; and you would not believe how ‘wild’ the menu is.  We never know.  The nest is huge-bigger even than my bed.  It measures 6 ft across and weighs 1 1/2 tons!  Can you imagine..and can you imagine the tree that supports it.  I love that tree  🙂 Lynn & I are going to build one at the shop to show everyone just how cool these birds are-and how big their bed is! (on the ground and not weighing a ton of course)

You know…sometimes Mom eagle will look right at one of the cams almost as if she knows they are being watched.  We kinda turn away feeling a little guilty-almost like we are spying on a private family and then turn it off.  But we realize that this private look maybe will inspire others to see nature and how we must protect it-and more important, how we are not the only families on this planet.

So I say paws up to trees today May 16-Love A Tree Day; because they are so important to all creatures and especially to us because let’s not forget…without them we couldn’t breathe on earth

Love A tree day graphic

Watch the live cam here  and when you next send flowers if you love birds and want to help them; maybe check out  our Flowers For A Cause  first….yup we designed a special arrangement to benefit our own local Raptor Center.

Happy Love A Tree Day-and please go hug your favorite tree -they like knowing they are loved too.

Treehugger Willow :))

*Willows calls computers-lightboxes :0 Lynn

New Noah Movie Is Animal Free

Of any movie expected to use a gazillion of my animal friends-it would be Noah.   Gathering two of every wild & captive, exotic  animal could have started me and my animal actor friends on an animal riot as many could have been swiped from their homes.  Like all the Shamu’s 🙁

Well….animation artists instead, created 14,000 animals on the *lightbox!  Animal free movies are an amazing and wonderful thing,  and my usual impatience with Lynn and her lightbox has taken a new turn.   “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, use, or entertain” me & my PETA friends rally; money makes people do things they otherwise wouldn’t to us.

I heard that hunky star Russell Crowe, was promised no houseboat of giraffes to dance with.    It was not a joke from director Darren Aronofsky because he was the recipient of the Humane Society’s Humane Filmmaker Award!    A director with a heart who knows that off screen abusive training methods and poor housing is common in all industries including the film industry, just like my dog racing.  You never see behind the scenes.  I know never want to go back, I was always cramped in my crate,  and always hungry.

 I wonder if Noah saved 2 greyhounds hmmm.. . . and if the animators included us in the story.

Greyhounds Willow Says Blog



Willow Says greyhound blog

**Note from Lynn “Willow refers to my computer as the lightbox 🙂

It’s Valentine’s Day- Flowers And Me!

Valentine dog Ok all you humans, I think it is time to start preparing for the big day.  Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you wait too overly long my appointment book for personal photos & greetings will be filled :), and many flowers will be spoken for already.  

As you can see I am already giving myself a trial run as I don’t want to be last minute.  All who visit on Wednesday & Thursday will have more time with me as Friday will be limited to about 3 minutes.  Being a celebrity is such a difficult business.

We have some beauty of varieties coming in from Cally like calla lilies, anemones, French (yes the big 2 ft.ones) tulips…oh wow.   

 You know we have the most beautiful flowers alive so click the link below-choose your rose meaning then call me text me…make your appointment-and reserve me AND your flowers!

Call Willow 845-562-2820

Text Willow 845 527-0017



Choose Your Rose Meaning



Poinsettia Poisoning To Dogs-The Myths And Fears

They will poison your pet friends and sicken your children. Poinsettia poisoning to dogs.  How many times have you heard this; and how many times I have heard Lynn warned about me sniffing them, I can’t count.   How this rumor began, I wonder of maybe some mean rival, but in fact I have read about a case in 1919 involving a child, but you know what?  That is the only single, incident documented and it was never proven that a poinsettia was the villainous cause.   Hmph…so much for that!.

However, for over 100 years the tales of poinsettia poisoning to dogs have wagged around the terrible threats against this beautiful and sniffable plant.  This has been one of those so common myths that even a survey of florists found they thought it to be true! Even my friends at the dog park whisper that I should be careful and not even swish by them; my goodness can you imagine that when the shop is brimming with them!  First let me inform you that the bitter taste and sap of the poinsettia does nothing to entice us for a second helping.  Not palatable to anyone I know.

But can you guess how many leaves me, my friends both human and not would have to eat to become ill?

Poinsettia no danger to puppies

Two of my new friends.. double fun

The Big Poinsettia Dinner

So how much would we have to eat?  Over 500 leaves to get ill.  That equates to 10 to 25 plants depending on the size!  Geez, that is one heck of a feast and feat for something not tasty.   And actually, this can be said of nearly any plant in the shop, with the exception of only a few.   Like pansies…I love pansies they are yummy.

Study on top of test has been performed so, since some of you may doubt a greyhound ‘diva florist’, no matter my  ancestry and learning; I have listed the studies below for you.  So decorate away with these beautiful plants, because me and my friends are a bit more educated than we think you credit us for-a bad taste is a bad taste no matter the creature.

Health centers, veterinary groups, and horticultural organizations surveyed concluded that these pretty plants are not toxic and pose no health threat to children or pets. So, poinsettia poisoning to dogs is really a myth.

Here is the info provided by the Society of American Florists….

>Ohio State University tested various parts of the poinsettia (unfortunately on rats-I protest animal testing but they lived!) and found no toxicity even at large doses.

>The Society of American Florists says no other consumer plant has been tested more than a poinsettia

>The ASPCA Animal Poison Center in Urbana, ILL says it regards poinsettias as having such a  low toxicity that  it doesn’t even recommend decontaminating animals who have eaten them.  There can be gastrointestinal distress but only from eating something alien to our system.

>The AVMA, American Veterinary Medicine Assoc. does not include poinsettias on its list of plants as a threat to animals.

                            As always, be happy and p.s.…bring home a poinsettia.

Hugs & Leans, Willow

Lend Your Voice to New York State Animal Cruelty & Puppy Mill Bills

Today I peeked up to wake Lynn to remind her about the important things she had to do online today.

Willow the famous greyhound You see, no matter what celebrity or fame I now have, and no matter how many photos, emails, or appearance I make on behalf of the store and our causes…I am still classified as an animal governed under the Agriculture & Markets in the state of NY.  Classified as such an “animal”, I unfortunately have few to zero rights and laws to protect me… even with Lynn by my side to help me.

In her spring post  {click and read} you read about her trip for all us “animals” (so undignified a term ugh. You are beings, and so are we!) to the state legislature to lobby for more humane laws in NY and to fight against the influx of puppy mills hoping to now camp here from PA.

Wildlife is in peril across the world, from our wolves to our wild horses to our elephants and whales.  Lynn and I do what we can by donating a percent of all our sales to them and.. with our Flowers For A Cause you know you can send flowers and support your favorites.

Well my friends, you may think your paws are tied but the way to start is right  in your home state wherever you are. These bills are up for vote in NY right now and if you have any love for your own family beings, then this is the time to show it.  Visit right now the Humane Society links I put below to see the rights we don’t have, and how you can make a difference.  Don’t be scared-you don’t need money, just your name or paw saying you love us and want us protected…and you won’t get on a blacklist either.

We need your help and protection now….Please use your right to speak because we have no rights and… we cannot .

Humane society of NY

The Consolidated Animal Crimes Bill (A.775a/S.1776)

Puppy Mill Crackdown  A.740a/S.3753a

Any comments for me-leave them below; and thanks ever so much for being my friend,


Earth Hour 2013 And Me

Yay,  it’s Earth Hour this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. If you have been in the pillows and haven’t heard of this well it’s about time you did.  It all started 9 years ago in Sydney Australia  and  now it is a global event every year in over 7000 cities in 152 countries.  Seriously.

 It is a pack like thing to me-where everyone gets together for one goal-turn the lights off for just one hour to show your concern for the environment.  It’s a movement so you need to jump on board and join the pack.    Check out this video and then go to for all the pack particulars.

Natural world

BTW-The World Wildlife fund has a very cool challenge.  It’s called “I will if you will” meaning what will you do to help the planet-and if I Willow do it-will you?  Hmm, I have pondered over what exactly would be something apropos…and I have it.

I will request that Lynn refill my abc bones  (already been chewed) instead buying a new one. Brilliant right?  Sometimes I amaze my green self.  J  Just think, the fillings are endless-peanut butter, can food, yogurt, or….ice cream!  Organic of course.  Think how many abc bones we would save, and how many animals, and how many trips to the store, and how much $$$.  It beyond me to add it all up-but I know it would be a ton.

So…if I can do it…you can do it.  Turn your lights off and cuddle up with your fav pack member for an hour or, at the veerrrry least -turn your darn lightboxes off  **

Side note from Lynn  lightboxes are computers and televisions to Willow; she’s so smart-she’s got a clue.

Be green and make the world happy!

Your fav green greyhound,


Saving Wolves-Saving My Friends

Here is a quick mini plea from me.  It is very sad that my friends out west are in trouble- watch the video from our friends at NRDC-and please…. sign the petition.


Willow -:

Watch this