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Make Mothers Heart Sing-Help An Animal With Flowers For A Cause

sea shepherd flowers

Help Sea Shepherd save a whale

For Mothers Day Or Any Day-Flowers For A Cause

So, here we go again into one of the busiest flower buying times of the year, and with it comes the pocket lining of billions for the big, foreign, conglomerates who supply the flower buying outlets online and off, chain & grocery stores and every gas station and street corner you see.  These same conglomerates who continue to force our American farms out of business, fund foreign countries,  and ruin the environments around the globe with their practices. And the human side?  Sweat shop labor is not only in the clothing industry and not only in China.

 How about something better; why not do some good for something good instead.   If you have an animal adoring or tree hugging Mother or you…adore animals & trees;  I invite you to visit my Flowers For A Cause online section for some very unique flower arrangements I have created in honor of animals.   I donate all the profits (yes, I really do) back to the various organizations that help them. What better way to honor your Mother than with a one-of-a-kind flower creation of only American grown flowers that both makes a stand, keeps the $$ in America,  and benefits our animal kingdom?


A photo I took of an Eastern Wild Horse-Assateague Nat’l               Seashore Maryland


To benefit the American Wild                  Horse Preservation


As an artist and naturalist, I love what I do; but the reason I have done what I have with my business is a mission.  A mission of awareness to what is really happening in my industry, support our own country, and to give a voice to those living things that have none; with the hope some will heed it.  In today’s world I know it is really hard to think beyond your own issues, and I know there are many human tragedies and I know we all have a plate full-but there are some creatures out there that need our attention more than our own-immediately; because they are getting pushed under the rug all for profit.

As I have said many times…IF we are to consider humans the supreme beings on this planet then with that also comes the responsibility to take care of all those beings sharing this planet around us-from the trees to the elephants to the bees.  If we all were to do whatever we can no matter how small; collectively a difference could be made in the world with those voices heard; we would have a movement and maybe things just might be on the path to be righted.


Here I am visiting the Catskill Sanctuary                           and loving it.


To benefit the Catskill Farm                              Sanctuary


So please, if you are wanting to give Mother flowers next week, please check out my Flowers For A Cause first and see the designs I have created for any occasion and perfect for Mothers; from a charming Nantucket basket to save the whales for Sea Shepherd to a sunflower topiary to save our wild horses for the American Wild Horse Preservation.

And while you are at it, add a bar or 2 of the NY made, organic, Rescue Chocolates-where here too-every dime of profit goes to help dogs & cats in shelters, their advocacy, and foster programs.  Make your heart sing as these options don’t cost you an extra cent-I give up my profits for you which…. is my heartsong.   Make your Mom proud-there’s no better gift than that.

And please…if you are reading this and not inclined to or cannot give flowers; it’s ok you can visit the websites I benefit and just add your name on a petition and then do your Mother a good deed-my Mother always says ‘deeds are the best’!  🙂  Then  share this to everyone you know anyway-lets get some eyes open and help a movement!

rescue greyhounds

2 lucky rescued greyhounds-the                                sweetest dogs alive 🙂


Our basket to benefit greyhound                       rescue…of course


And those luscious chocolates………..

chocolates to help dog shelter

The raspberry hearts….