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Please Say Goodbye To Balloons

The Fish & Wildlife has finally conceded to just one of the campaigns of my green floristry practices.  Balloons are bad for us, the environment, and especially our wildlife.  Poor balloons; we all grew up with these celebratory friends but they are not as they were.  Is anything?  No longer made of rubber but yet a toxic mix of ingredients that never biodegrade and a colorful attraction to animals who think the colorful bits are food causing their demise.

balloons bad for environment

From a fun to horrible.

And the metallic mylar?  Even worse with the added addition of conducting electricity.  Meaning, they can cause an electrical outage.  And to add fuel to the fire; we have about exhausted our natural supply of helium due to the balloon.  How sad something of innocent joy has become such a toxic profit.

 Here is a great article from OneGreenPlanet and the all about it site BalloonsBlow  

Celebrate with flowers not balloons-it’s not worth our wildlife.

Dream green always-do what you can.

Lynn 🙂