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A Magnificent Perfection-Beautiful Dahlias

It is a short season;  but this is dahlia time.  I seem surrounded by these beautiful dahlias-everywhere I look, every bouquet I send out, and every wedding bouquet I make.  Magnificent, beautiful dahlias are everywhere and… I am smitten.

If you want a bouquet like no other, then take advantage of making a splash no one soon will forget.  The local grown dahlias I am getting in the store are rivaling  the blue ribbon winners at our county & state fairs.  They leave me speechless with their perfection and loudness!  Dahlias do not have a scent but it seems unnoticed as you gaze open mouthed at them, as they are nothing less than magnificent!

You must come by the store, even if only to see them.


summer dahlias

Fair winners


summer dahlias

Dahlia anniversary bouquet


summer dahlias

Dahlia bridal bouquet


dinnerplate dahlias

Cafe Au Lait dinner plate dahlias and me..Lynn 🙂


Dahlias translate in the Language of Flowers to gratitude; and I am ever so grateful to Nature for them!

  Go to our Pinterest page for more of these beauties… in more designs… in more colors.  And…visit the store before they are gone until next year.

Lynn & Willow  :>