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New Noah Movie Is Animal Free

Of any movie expected to use a gazillion of my animal friends-it would be Noah.   Gathering two of every wild & captive, exotic  animal could have started me and my animal actor friends on an animal riot as many could have been swiped from their homes.  Like all the Shamu’s 🙁

Well….animation artists instead, created 14,000 animals on the *lightbox!  Animal free movies are an amazing and wonderful thing,  and my usual impatience with Lynn and her lightbox has taken a new turn.   “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, use, or entertain” me & my PETA friends rally; money makes people do things they otherwise wouldn’t to us.

I heard that hunky star Russell Crowe, was promised no houseboat of giraffes to dance with.    It was not a joke from director Darren Aronofsky because he was the recipient of the Humane Society’s Humane Filmmaker Award!    A director with a heart who knows that off screen abusive training methods and poor housing is common in all industries including the film industry, just like my dog racing.  You never see behind the scenes.  I know never want to go back, I was always cramped in my crate,  and always hungry.

 I wonder if Noah saved 2 greyhounds hmmm.. . . and if the animators included us in the story.

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**Note from Lynn “Willow refers to my computer as the lightbox 🙂

Make A Shamrock Corsage For St. Patrick’s Day

The Shamrock Corsage & Shamrock Leaves

My latest craze and new corsage or lapel.  Fresh, shiny, and long lasting galax leaves are an old fashioned leaf traditionally used surrounding a Victorian, violet nosegay.  Make your own shamrocks for pennies with my  ‘how to make a shamrock’ on Pinterest.  Or….if you can’t be bothered just call-I’ll make it .  🙂                                                                                                                         A lapel or shamrock corsage for St. Patrick’s Day…how cool is that.  Enjoy

st. patrick's day corsage