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Cesar Millan Helps Us Dogs Celebrate The Fourth

I just looove Cesar- he understands me.  Every morning we watch him, and I think to myself, “he so has a clue” why doesn’t everyone in the world get it?  In fact at my whining :), Lynn & I are asking for your thoughts on the designing of another arrangement for our Flowers For A Cause shopping to benefit his foundation.  Yay!

Our guy Cesar and friends*

So…I love the reason for the Fourth of July- freedom {see my blog post from last year down below-just keep pawing}, but all the loud pomp & circumstance humans carry on with is just too much for me and my friends.  We don’t get the rush you seem to from these things-we personally think you are daft.

The excitement starts the day before from what I can feel, and it builds up to about dark on July 4th and then bang out of nowhere the most awful loudness!  I don’t think there is anything I dislike in the world except these fireworks-oh, and thunderstorms.

The fun escapes us*

I know all my friends feel exactly the same so we have a video from Cesar that we hope you all will watch.  He explains our fears and why, and how to help.  And…the best part?  It is with a cousin of mine in Spain named Amigo.   A different coloring, but you can see the resemblance I’m sure.  Just like humans are different colors-so are we-but still all related.  🙂

Help from Cesar for July 4th …..graciously provided by Cesar to enlighten us all- without the fireworks!

Happy Freedom,

Willow xo

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