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The Easter Rabbits aka Ground Bunnies

As you all know, I was a racing grey and now retired.  I guess long ago, rabbits were used to practice and then entice us around the race; but today it is just a stuffed sock thing.   However…it must be ingrained in me because I have an obsession with them and anyone else who acts like them.  So Lynn makes it easy and we just call all of them “ground bunnies’.

On our walks I know when she says “oh Willow! a ground bunny”, I come to attention!   Being a sight hound I quickly scan the area and lock in on what she sees.  Boy if I was off leash I would have a happy play chase.

Easter is when a lot of baby ground bunnies are bought as pets.  This is not a real good thing because they are not really a cuddle pet like me.  But they are sort of  like me in that they need to be trained and attended to and not just kept in a cage.    I know how that is-boredom is wild and frustrating.

So, obviously I like all ground bunnies, but i think the  fuzzy ones are the best to bring home    Lynn & I call them ‘stuffies’ and I looove them.  In the shop I see and investigate all new additions.  There are grass ones, fuzzy ones, and clay ones in all sizes and personality.   When you visit the shop I will introduce you to a couple of the  take home ground bunnies I like  for you and yours.  But for now, below are some pictures of them because I think they would be your favorites too and you may just adopt one.    Happy Happy Easter

The funniest Ground Bunny of them all!

love  Willow  🙂

Spring Newsletter is Here!

Hi Everyone,

 It is me Willow!  Our new Spring Newsletter is here and Lynn & I filled it with all sort of fun things and tips.   Don’t miss it-click below or at the lower right-make sure you max the screen!.  And….if you love it please tell us!  Go to Tell Us in our About Us catagory !     xxoo    

Newsletter  Spring pg 1

Newsletter Spring  pg 2