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St. Patrick’s Day Green Flowers For “O”Willow

Green,  green, green.  Lynn & I love green for obvious reasons.  I am an eco-girl too and even though my pedigree goes back 150 years to England and Ireland; I won’t have a green carnation on my collar for St. Patrick’s Day.  People come in and out of the store all day for green flowers; and we love green carnations but sadly….. do not and will not have them.

99% of all carnations come from faraway places grown with chemicals I can’t pronounce; and like my food ingredients, if I can’t pronounce it and it flew a gazillion miles to get here-we won’t buy it and I surely will not eat it.  Years ago before I came, there were still some farms in Cally growing them. (my  rendition of California for those not in the know-I’m getting cool right?)

Today, it seems they all went out of business and nearly all carnations come now from South America.  And you know how we feel about those imported flowers.  To compound it even more, a dye is added to the poor, exhausted things to turn them green.   Poor, poor carnations.  It must feel just like a forever layer of theater make-up to them.   We have heard that a few SA farms are becoming ‘eco’ certified-but I need to check them out before we buy.  Sometimes big businesses do what is called ‘greenwashing’ just to be in the limelight (no St. Pat pun intended ) and try to be cool.  Hmm….not very nice or cool.  I know old habits are hard to break, but things aren’t made or grown here like they used to, and we need to know how it is now ….because no one really lets us in on it.

So….for all those ladies and gentlemen celebrating the day, we are offering pretty American roses with  the slightest hint of natural green.  Oh, and there are other gifts for the day too, like fresh shamrocks, fairy leprechauns, and more real -not fake green flowers.
I can’t wait to see everyone and…I love St. Patrick’s time because Lynn makes cabbage with veggie sausages.  Yum-I asked her for the recipe to share with you.  Recipe– the vegan sausages rock!

Love, Love