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Crates for Me and Turkeys

As a professional, racing greyhound (or rather a now happy “reposing” greyhound), I had a different upbringing than most of my friends.  As a puppy I quickly saw that most of my days would be spent in a carrier and a crate.  Kennel to track and back again. I of course wasn’t aware that this was not the normal life of all animals; I thought everyone lived like that!   Who knew?  So when Lynn told me about the animals raised for our food, I immediately identified. Crates,crates, and more crates.   Being the Thanksgiving holiday affair is coming; I started wondering about turkeys…

I went to our “Flowers For A Cause” in the Eco Shop because I knew we had an arrangement benefitting the Farm Sanctuary in upstate NY.  I thought this just was like a retirement home for grandparent cows and chickens that grew too old to graze and peck-kind of like a happy, rest home.   I am really not into farms and farm things being a racer from West Palm Beach;  so Iwondered- where do the farm animals there come from, and why are they being rescued?  And what about these turkeys?

Seems the 46 million turkeys served every November for these Thanksgiving affairs have had a similar life to me- but alot worse.  They live in a warehouse in crates only 3 ft. square their entire life; sort of like I did-but with no racing!  I thought farm animals ran free in fields in the sunshine and fresh air-isn’t that what we all think?  You know; like that happy cow television commercial?  I love that one.  At least I got out to run a few minutes on the track every day-they never do!  And then I read they over feed them so they get really, really fat and then they can’t stand up… and then they go a little crazy. Geez, I would too.

I felt really guilty for thinking of my early life compared to theirs so I decided to try to help.  Well, the Farm Sanctuary is doing something really cool through November 25 by having an “Adopt-A-Turkey Project”  where you can sponsor  a turkey and you will receive a certificate to proudly show your friends.  Since 1986 they’ve rescued and educated on how all farm animals are really raised-and all for us.   After reading about them- I really don’t think I can eat turkey again (or any cow or chicken or pig) unless Lynn assures me they are truly from a free roaming farm (it will say free range on the package) because if I do…hmmm then in my mind it seems to mean I am ok with how they live and are treated.  I may just go vegetarian to a gorilla diet!  So, I am going on board for my first ever Thanksgiving turkey adoption because I know how lucky I was to be rescued and get a family of my own-I’m  going to pay it forward.    I am choosing Daphne-because she reminds me of myself -a little bit thin, and a lotta bit lovable.



 It’s kinda like the dog racing; if people knew how we greys really spent our lives to entertain everyone; I just know humans would speak out for us.

Lynn made a sign that says   “ I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am”

                                                                                                                                                   So visit their site-I know you will speak out too.
*watch for our upcoming greyhound benefit at the store-I will let you know when.    xo Willow

Flowers Straight From the Heart

There are so many talented rock musicians, some with real heart; and Bryan Adams has heart.  He is one of us; one who thinks outside hisself; one who believes he is not the only being in the world.   I’ve met him on numerous occasions and friends, he is the real thing.  I think all artists of any field feel differently; not just seeing-but really feeling a tree breathe or feeling an animal’s thoughts.

When you love what you do you give it freely, and he tours nearly every month of every year in the States and worldwide in places many bands would not- like Pakistan.  He has participated in countless benefit concerts for everything from Farm Aid to Greenpeace; and is a staunch vegetarian to  the delight of PETA   and dismay of KFC.  A kindred soul to Willow & me for sure.
This philanthropic soul led to the  establishment of  the Bryan Adams Foundation.  Its purpose to help advance education opportunities for underprivileged children worldwide, along with both young and old victims of war, natural disasters, and the mentally or physically challenged.   Gifted also as an intuitive photographer; he further donates his photo book proceeds to the foundation.  As Willow would say; he rocks- in more ways than just his music.

A floral design I feel signifies both his intense talent and sensitivity; benefits his foundation in our online Eco Shop, “Flowers For A Cause” .

  I call it the “Inspiration Box”;  a clean design available in fresh or permanent botanicals that one could get lost staring in.  Like music and….. tree breaths.
Order one today to celebrate his birthday-or any day; I know it is the best present you could give him.

Happy Birthday Bryan; and that’s truly….. straight from the heart….. from around the world
Visit his foundation at
See all his happenings  and tour dates at

Enjoy his video

Smile!  Lynn