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Planting Trees For The Coyote

I love trees.  They give us the ability to breathe, they shade us, they give us dog houses, and they feed some of us.   The other day riding through the mountains, Lynn and I saw a rather weathered looking coyote.  I thought about him a long time after-a distant relative being so cold and hungry.  I knew he was hiding amongst the trees; I was grateful for their shelter to him.   Then I thought of the cool program Lynn and I have included at the store.   (She hugs trees, you know.)

We partnered with the National Forest Foundation in Montana to plant trees in our US forests for the small, 2 bone fee of just 95 cents.   I am delighted with this as I know it will create many new neighborhoods for me and the entire animal kingdom; a wonderful gesture for so little.  And real exciting is, you can also plant a 10 tree, mini forest in honor of someone (me if you want!), or as a birthday-anniversary-remembrance.  They even send a card acknowledging your gift, which is so very gracious.  We will be adding both options real soon at your  order checkout in the EcoShop.  Until then, please just request it when placing your order.

National forests belong to all of us.  I think I will give up a bag of treats this month and plant a mini forest for that lost coyote.

xxoo  Willow

Sundance Film Festival & Flowers


Every January the Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City, Utah.  In fact, the photo of myself and ‘Hoot’ the owl on the About Us  page was taken there.  It is a melting pot of the newest and brightest short films, documentaries, and motion pictures.  A perfect setting for freethinking, nature,  and the arts.  Utah itself is awe inspiring; a treasure of national parks and wildlands.  Three environmental films up for competition this year to watch for:

Wasteland-a documentary that chronicles a photographer to the world’s largest landfill and the pickers who sift through it; recycling their lives from society’s garbage.   Sounds like a world away from our own kitchen trash bin-lest not we forget that away is somewhere.

Tungijug-a though provoking story on the annual seal hunt .  The Inuit depend on them for food and the rest of the world for cheap fur coats.

Gasland-A relevant film to our local area regarding the push for the natural gas drilling process of ‘fracking’.  A powerful look into the environmental issues involved here in our own Sullivan County, and across the nation.   A lucrative offer to many rural landowners, seems a death sentence to the environment.

This is a fitting month to highlight one of the benefit arrangements in our online shopping section-the EcoShop; under Flowers For A Cause.   These arrangements are specifically designed to reflect the charity foundation they represent, with 20% donated.  Sundance is many things beside the festival; one being the Sundance Preserve.  An environmental foundation promoting preservation of our wildlands.  I have a design which I named the

“River Runs Bowl.”  A rustic beauty I felt depicted its namesake movie, director, and Sundance founder.

River Runs Bowl

Follow the festival and watch some clips of all the films at Sundance Festival

Secrets and Paper Towels

I have confusion with trees and paper towels.  Lynn says they are made from trees that we cut down in the woods & forests.   I just adore walking in the woods and could not even imagine my day without them.   And whatever would I do in the Summer as I loathe the hot sun; often reposing under a nice oak tree shaded, and being elegant.  (I hated racing in the West Palm Beach society; always sticky.  Thank goodness Lynn rescued me from that!)

Yet…. paper towels seem to take away any accident or mishap that I may incur while inside.  Which of course, I rarely do as it is so, so crass.  However, I found I was at a dilemma to work this out.  Lynn of course always comes to my embarrassing rescue and, with a green solution.  My own shiny, silver, bucket and pink sponge elegantly inscribed with ‘Willow’.  Just the perfect idea for my rare and so mortifying mishaps.   Best of all, it is cleaned and stored away with all its embarrassment; never to be sniffed by anyone at any garbage or worse, landfill.   My secret is safe, and. ….so are my woods.

Resolutions and Paper Towels

The Holidays are officially over, and resolutions are abundant.  Resolutions are a funny thing; they can be large or small, they can be painless or overwhelming.   However, we believe they are always for the better.  I myself, try just one green change no matter how insignificant it seems to everyone in the store or the world; because  collectively , small changes grow up to be large ones.

We all exchanged gifts at the store with one additional from me.  Lined up with pretty red bows were soft rolls of (100% recycled, environmentally made) paper towels-one tagged  for each person.  Of course it was comical at first with much laughter, then mysterious, and finally incredulous.  Everyone knows I am a tree lover and ban their daily use in the store.  So …why would I be gifting them?  Hmm-they knew something was up.  Well, each tag came with my wish for a resolution to try to lessen their use in their own lives. Even to just stop and think about it.

Or of course, if they chose to eke them out for the year as their own private store roll-that was their choice.  This seemed a very small resolution request.  I suspect to some it seems totally overwhelming, but it really isn’t if you just think on this trivial action for a moment.    Paper towels are an addictive habit.  They are easy, available, and replaceable.  However, if every household replaced just one-only one-virgin fiber, paper towel roll with an environmentally made roll; do you know how many trees we could save?   A phenomenal  544,000.   That’s a State park-can you imagine that…….try to-really try.